Isabel S Gonçalves
Isabel S Gonçalves
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Octahedral Bipyridine and Bipyrimidine Dioxomolybdenum(VI) Complexes: Characterization, Application in Catalytic Epoxidation, and Density Functional …
FE Kühn, M Groarke, É Bencze, E Herdtweck, A Prazeres, AM Santos, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 8 (10), 2370-2383, 2002
Highly luminescent tris (β-diketonate) europium (III) complexes immobilized in a functionalized mesoporous silica
S Gago, JA Fernandes, JP Rainho, RA Sá Ferreira, M Pillinger, ...
Chemistry of materials 17 (20), 5077-5084, 2005
MCM-41 functionalized with bipyridyl groups and its use as a support for oxomolybdenum (VI) catalysts
CD Nunes, AA Valente, M Pillinger, AC Fernandes, CC Romao, J Rocha, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry 12 (6), 1735-1742, 2002
Catalytic oxidative desulfurization systems based on Keggin phosphotungstate and metal-organic framework MIL-101
S Ribeiro, ADS Barbosa, AC Gomes, M Pillinger, IS Gonçalves, ...
Fuel processing technology 116, 350-357, 2013
Desulfurization of model diesel by extraction/oxidation using a zinc-substituted polyoxometalate as catalyst under homogeneous and heterogeneous (MIL-101 (Cr) encapsulated …
D Julião, AC Gomes, M Pillinger, L Cunha-Silva, B de Castro, ...
Fuel Processing Technology 131, 78-86, 2015
Organorhenium (VII) and organomolybdenum (VI) oxides: synthesis and application in oxidation catalysis
FE Kühn, AM Santos, IS Gonçalves, CC Romão, AD Lopes
Applied organometallic chemistry 15 (1), 43-50, 2001
Ordered benzene–silica hybrids with molecular-scale periodicity in the walls and different mesopore sizes
N Bion, P Ferreira, A Valente, IS Gonçalves, J Rocha
Journal of Materials Chemistry 13 (8), 1910-1913, 2003
Immobilization of lanthanide ions in a pillared layered double hydroxide
S Gago, M Pillinger, RA Sá Ferreira, LD Carlos, TM Santos, IS Gonçalves
Chemistry of Materials 17 (23), 5803-5809, 2005
Structure–photoluminescence relationship in Eu (III) β-diketonate-based organic–inorganic hybrids. Influence of the synthesis method: carboxylic acid solvolysis versus …
L Fu, RAS Ferreira, NJO Silva, AJ Fernandes, P Ribeiro-Claro, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry 15 (30), 3117-3125, 2005
Dioxomolybdenum (VI) modified mesoporous materials for the catalytic epoxidation of olefins
SM Bruno, JA Fernandes, LS Martins, IS Gonçalves, M Pillinger, ...
Catalysis today 114 (2-3), 263-271, 2006
Investigation of europium (III) and gadolinium (III) complexes with naphthoyltrifluoroacetone and bidentate heterocyclic amines
JA Fernandes, RAS Ferreira, M Pillinger, LD Carlos, J Jepsen, A Hazell, ...
Journal of Luminescence 113 (1-2), 50-63, 2005
(Dimethyl) dioxomolybdenum (VI) complexes: syntheses and catalytic applications
FE Kühn, AM Santos, AD Lopes, IS Gonçalves, E Herdtweck, CC Romão
Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical 164 (1-2), 25-38, 2000
Dichloro and dimethyl dioxomolybdenum (VI)–diazabutadiene complexes as catalysts for the epoxidation of olefins
AA Valente, J Moreira, AD Lopes, M Pillinger, CD Nunes, CC Romao, ...
New Journal of Chemistry 28 (2), 308-313, 2004
Immobilization of Oxomolybdenum Species in a Layered Double Hydroxide Pillared by 2, 2 ‘-Bipyridine-5, 5 ‘-dicarboxylate Anions
S Gago, M Pillinger, AA Valente, TM Santos, J Rocha, IS Gonçalves
Inorganic chemistry 43 (17), 5422-5431, 2004
Structural and photoluminescence studies of a europium (III) tetrakis (β-diketonate) complex with tetrabutylammonium, imidazolium, pyridinium and silica-supported imidazolium …
SM Bruno, RAS Ferreira, FA Almeida Paz, LD Carlos, M Pillinger, ...
Inorganic chemistry 48 (11), 4882-4895, 2009
Chiral bis (oxazoline) and pyridyl alcoholate dioxo-molybdenum (VI) complexes: synthesis, characterization and catalytic examinations
FE Kühn, AM Santos, AD Lopes, IS Gonçalves, JE Rodrı́guez-Borges, ...
Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 621 (1-2), 207-217, 2001
New insights into the reaction of t-butylhydroperoxide with dichloro-and dimethyl (dioxo) molybdenum (VI)
M Groarke, IS Gonçalves, WA Herrmann, FE Kühn
Journal of organometallic chemistry 649 (1), 108-112, 2002
Catalytic olefin epoxidation with cyclopentadienyl–molybdenum complexes in room temperature ionic liquids
FE Kühn, J Zhao, M Abrantes, W Sun, CAM Afonso, LC Branco, ...
Tetrahedron letters 46 (1), 47-52, 2005
Molecular structure–activity relationships for the oxidation of organic compounds using mesoporous silica catalysts derivatised with bis (halogeno) dioxomolybdenum (VI) complexes
CD Nunes, AA Valente, M Pillinger, J Rocha, IS Gonçalves
Chemistry–A European Journal 9 (18), 4380-4390, 2003
Preparation and photophysical characterisation of Zn–Al layered double hydroxides intercalated by anionic pyrene derivatives
S Gago, T Costa, JS de Melo, IS Gonçalves, M Pillinger
Journal of Materials Chemistry 18 (8), 894-904, 2008
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