Cyril Branciard
Cyril Branciard
Researcher, Institut Néel - CNRS
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One-sided device-independent quantum key distribution: Security, feasibility, and the connection with steering
C Branciard, EG Cavalcanti, SP Walborn, V Scarani, HM Wiseman
Physical Review A 85 (1), 010301, 2012
Testing the speed of ‘spooky action at a distance’
D Salart, A Baas, C Branciard, N Gisin, H Zbinden
Nature 454 (7206), 861-864, 2008
Conclusive quantum steering with superconducting transition-edge sensors
DH Smith, G Gillett, MP De Almeida, C Branciard, A Fedrizzi, TJ Weinhold, ...
Nature communications 3 (1), 625, 2012
Characterizing the nonlocal correlations created via entanglement swapping
C Branciard, N Gisin, S Pironio
Physical review letters 104 (17), 170401, 2010
Witnessing causal nonseparability
M Araújo, C Branciard, F Costa, A Feix, C Giarmatzi, Č Brukner
New Journal of Physics 17 (10), 102001, 2015
Indefinite causal order in a quantum switch
K Goswami, C Giarmatzi, M Kewming, F Costa, C Branciard, J Romero, ...
Physical review letters 121 (9), 090503, 2018
Arbitrarily loss-tolerant Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen steering allowing a demonstration over 1 km of optical fiber with no detection loophole
AJ Bennet, DA Evans, DJ Saunders, C Branciard, EG Cavalcanti, ...
Quantum Information and Measurement, QT4A. 4, 2012
Bilocal versus nonbilocal correlations in entanglement-swapping experiments
C Branciard, D Rosset, N Gisin, S Pironio
Physical Review A 85 (3), 032119, 2012
Practical private database queries based on a quantum-key-distribution protocol
M Jakobi, C Simon, N Gisin, JD Bancal, C Branciard, N Walenta, ...
Physical Review A 83 (2), 022301, 2011
Using quantum key distribution for cryptographic purposes: a survey
R Alléaume, C Branciard, J Bouda, T Debuisschert, M Dianati, N Gisin, ...
Theoretical Computer Science 560, 62-81, 2014
Error-tradeoff and error-disturbance relations for incompatible quantum measurements
C Branciard
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110 (17), 6742-6747, 2013
Experimental test of local observer independence
M Proietti, A Pickston, F Graffitti, P Barrow, D Kundys, C Branciard, ...
Science advances 5 (9), eaaw9832, 2019
Security of two quantum cryptography protocols using the same four qubit states
C Branciard, N Gisin, B Kraus, V Scarani
Physical Review A 72 (3), 032301, 2005
Measurement-device-independent entanglement witnesses for all entangled quantum states
C Branciard, D Rosset, YC Liang, N Gisin
Physical review letters 110 (6), 060405, 2013
Experimental falsification of Leggett’s nonlocal variable model
C Branciard, A Ling, N Gisin, C Kurtsiefer, A Lamas-Linares, V Scarani
Physical Review Letters 99 (21), 210407, 2007
Measurements on the reality of the wavefunction
M Ringbauer, B Duffus, C Branciard, EG Cavalcanti, AG White, A Fedrizzi
Nature Physics 11 (3), 249-254, 2015
The simplest causal inequalities and their violation
C Branciard, M Araújo, A Feix, F Costa, Č Brukner
New Journal of Physics 18 (1), 013008, 2015
Experimental joint quantum measurements with minimum uncertainty
M Ringbauer, DN Biggerstaff, MA Broome, A Fedrizzi, C Branciard, ...
Physical review letters 112 (2), 020401, 2014
Nonlinear Bell inequalities tailored for quantum networks
D Rosset, C Branciard, TJ Barnea, G Pütz, N Brunner, N Gisin
Physical review letters 116 (1), 010403, 2016
Testing quantum correlations versus single-particle properties within Leggett’s model and beyond
C Branciard, N Brunner, N Gisin, C Kurtsiefer, A Lamas-Linares, A Ling, ...
Nature Physics 4 (9), 681-685, 2008
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