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Structural and multiferroic properties of La-modified ceramics
SR Das, RNP Choudhary, P Bhattacharya, RS Katiyar, P Dutta, ...
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Co‐percolating graphene‐wrapped silver nanowire network for high performance, highly stable, transparent conducting electrodes
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Effect of La substitution on structural and electrical properties of thin film
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3D nanostructured inkjet printed graphene via UV-pulsed laser irradiation enables paper-based electronics and electrochemical devices
SR Das, Q Nian, AA Cargill, JA Hondred, S Ding, M Saei, GJ Cheng, ...
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Structural, microstructural and magneto-electric properties of single-phase BiFeO3 nanoceramics prepared by auto-combustion method
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Low-frequency noise in MoSe2 field effect transistors
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Electrical differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells into Schwann‐cell‐like phenotypes using inkjet‐printed graphene circuits
SR Das, M Uz, S Ding, MT Lentner, JA Hondred, AA Cargill, ...
Advanced Healthcare Materials 6 (7), 1601087, 2017
Rapid and label-free detection of interferon gamma via an electrochemical aptasensor comprising a ternary surface monolayer on a gold interdigitated electrode array
S Ding, C Mosher, XY Lee, SR Das, AA Cargill, X Tang, B Chen, ...
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Single-layer graphene as a barrier layer for intense UV laser-induced damages for silver nanowire network
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Real-space imaging of the tailored plasmons in twisted bilayer graphene
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Inkjet Printing of Single‐Crystalline Bi2Te3 Thermoelectric Nanowire Networks
B Chen, SR Das, W Zheng, B Zhu, B Xu, S Hong, C Sun, X Wang, Y Wu, ...
Advanced Electronic Materials 3 (4), 1600524, 2017
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