Sascha Schäfer
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Quantum coherent optical phase modulation in an ultrafast transmission electron microscope
A Feist, KE Echternkamp, J Schauss, SV Yalunin, S Schäfer, C Ropers
Nature 521 (7551), 200-203, 2015
Ultrafast low-energy electron diffraction in transmission resolves polymer/graphene superstructure dynamics
M Gulde, S Schweda, G Storeck, M Maiti, HK Yu, AM Wodtke, S Schäfer, ...
Science 345 (6193), 200-204, 2014
Ultrafast transmission electron microscopy using a laser-driven field emitter: Femtosecond resolution with a high coherence electron beam
A Feist, N Bach, NR da Silva, T Danz, M Möller, KE Priebe, T Domröse, ...
Ultramicroscopy 176, 63-73, 2017
Attosecond electron pulse trains and quantum state reconstruction in ultrafast transmission electron microscopy
KE Priebe, C Rathje, SV Yalunin, T Hohage, A Feist, S Schäfer, C Ropers
Nature Photonics 11 (12), 793-797, 2017
Coherent femtosecond low-energy single-electron pulses for time-resolved diffraction and imaging: A numerical study
A Paarmann, M Gulde, M Müller, S Schäfer, S Schweda, M Maiti, C Xu, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 112 (11), 113109, 2012
Ramsey-type phase control of free-electron beams
KE Echternkamp, A Feist, S Schäfer, C Ropers
Nature Physics 12, 1000-1004, 2016
Structure and Electric Properties of SnN Clusters (N = 6−20) from Combined Electric Deflection Experiments and Quantum Theoretical Studies
S Schäfer, B Assadollahzadeh, M Mehring, P Schwerdtfeger, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 112 (48), 12312-12319, 2008
Phase ordering of charge density waves traced by ultrafast low-energy electron diffraction
S Vogelgesang, G Storeck, JG Horstmann, T Diekmann, M Sivis, ...
Nature Physics 14 (2), 184-190, 2018
Primary structural dynamics in graphite
S Schäfer, W Liang, AH Zewail
New Journal of Physics 13 (6), 063030, 2011
Relativistic and electron correlation effects in static dipole polarizabilities for the group-14 elements from carbon to element Z= 114: Theory and experiment
C Thierfelder, B Assadollahzadeh, P Schwerdtfeger, S Schäfer, R Schäfer
Physical Review A 78 (5), 052506, 2008
Nanoscale magnetic imaging using circularly polarized high-harmonic radiation
O Kfir, S Zayko, C Nolte, M Sivis, M Möller, B Hebler, SSPK Arekapudi, ...
Science advances 3 (12), eaao4641, 2017
An ultrafast electron microscope gun driven by two-photon photoemission from a nanotip cathode
R Bormann, S Strauch, S Schäfer, C Ropers
Journal of Applied Physics 118 (17), 173105, 2015
Electronic properties for small tin clusters Snn (n ≤ 20) from density functional theory and the convergence toward the solid state
B Assadollahzadeh, S Schaefer, P Schwerdtfeger
Journal of computational chemistry 31 (5), 929-937, 2010
Structural dynamics and transient electric-field effects in ultrafast electron diffraction from surfaces
S Schäfer, W Liang, AH Zewail
Chemical Physics Letters 493 (1-3), 11-18, 2010
Polarizabilities of Ba and Ba 2: Comparison of molecular beam experiments with relativistic quantum chemistry
S Schäfer, M Mehring, R Schäfer, P Schwerdtfeger
Physical Review A 76 (5), 052515, 2007
An ultrafast nanotip electron gun triggered by grating-coupled surface plasmons
B Schröder, M Sivis, R Bormann, S Schäfer, C Ropers
Applied Physics Letters 107 (23), 231105, 2015
Real-space imaging of nanotip plasmons using electron energy loss spectroscopy
B Schröder, T Weber, SV Yalunin, T Kiel, C Matyssek, M Sivis, S Schäfer, ...
Physical Review B 92 (8), 085411, 2015
Nanoscale mapping of ultrafast magnetization dynamics with femtosecond Lorentz microscopy
NR da Silva, M Möller, A Feist, H Ulrichs, C Ropers, S Schäfer
Physical Review X 8 (3), 031052, 2018
Nanoscale diffractive probing of strain dynamics in ultrafast transmission electron microscopy
A Feist, N Rubiano da Silva, W Liang, C Ropers, S Schäfer
Structural Dynamics 5 (1), 014302, 2018
Nanotip-based photoelectron microgun for ultrafast LEED
G Storeck, S Vogelgesang, M Sivis, S Schäfer, C Ropers
Structural Dynamics 4 (4), 044024, 2017
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