Dr. Hukam Singh Gehlot
Dr. Hukam Singh Gehlot
Professor in Botany, JNV University, Jodhpur, India
Bestätigte E-Mail-Adresse bei jnvu.edu.in
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Zitiert von
Protein thermostability in Archaea and Eubacteria
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Genet Mol Res 5 (4), 816-827, 2006
An invasive Mimosa in India does not adopt the symbionts of its native relatives
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Nodulation of legumes from the Thar desert of India and molecular characterization of their rhizobia
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Selection of Bradyrhizobium or Ensifer symbionts by the native Indian caesalpinioid legume Chamaecrista pumila depends on soil pH and other edaphic and …
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Biotechnological approaches for propagation and prospecting of important medicinal plants from Indian Thar Desert
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Proceedings annual meeting-Plant Growth Regulator Society of America (USA), 1987
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