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Joscha Beninde
VU Amsterdam
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Biodiversity in cities needs space: a meta‐analysis of factors determining intra‐urban biodiversity variation
J Beninde, M Veith, A Hochkirch
Ecology letters 18 (6), 581-592, 2015
Europe needs a new vision for a Natura 2020 network
A Hochkirch, T Schmitt, J Beninde, M Hiery, T Kinitz, J Kirschey, ...
Conservation Letters 6 (6), 462-467, 2013
Sexual selection drives asymmetric introgression in wall lizards
GM While, S Michaelides, RJP Heathcote, HEA MacGregor, N Zajac, ...
Ecology Letters 18 (12), 1366-1375, 2015
Cityscape genetics: structural vs. functional connectivity of an urban lizard population
J Beninde, S Feldmeier, M Werner, D Peroverde, U Schulte, A Hochkirch, ...
Molecular ecology 25 (20), 4984-5000, 2016
Beyond the landscape: Resistance modelling infers physical and behavioural gene flow barriers to a mobile carnivore across a metropolitan area
SE Kimmig, J Beninde, M Brandt, A Schleimer, S Kramer‐Schadt, H Hofer, ...
Molecular Ecology 29 (3), 466-484, 2020
Admixture of hybrid swarms of native and introduced lizards in cities is determined by the cityscape structure and invasion history
J Beninde, S Feldmeier, M Veith, A Hochkirch
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 285 (1883), 20180143, 2018
Ambitious advances of the European Union in the legislation of invasive alien species
J Beninde, ML Fischer, A Hochkirch, A Zink
Conservation Letters 8 (3), 199-205, 2015
Multiple founder effects are followed by range expansion and admixture during the invasion process of the raccoon (Procyon lotor) in Europe
ML Fischer, I Salgado, J Beninde, R Klein, AC Frantz, M Heddergott, ...
Diversity and Distributions 23 (4), 409-420, 2017
Female fitness optimum at intermediate mating rates under traumatic mating
R Lange, T Gerlach, J Beninde, J Werminghausen, V Reichel, N Anthes
Public Library of Science 7 (8), e43234, 2012
License to kill?—Disease eradication programs may not be in line with the convention on biological diversity
A Hochkirch, J Beninde, M Fischer, A Krahner, C Lindemann, D Matenaar, ...
Conservation Letters 11 (1), e12370, 2018
How much biodiversity does Natura 2000 cover?
A Hochkirch, T Schmitt, J Beninde, M Hiery, T Kinitz, J Kirschey, ...
Conservation Letters 6 (6), 470-471, 2013
The phylogeny of California, and how it informs setting multispecies conservation priorities
E Toffelmier, J Beninde, HB Shaffer
Journal of Heredity 113 (6), 597-603, 2022
Connectivity of Alpine newt populations (Ichthyosaura alpestris) exacerbates the risk of Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans outbreaks in European fire salamanders (Salamandra …
J Beninde, F Keltsch, M Veith, A Hochkirch, N Wagner
Conservation Genetics 22 (4), 653-659, 2021
Reference genome for the American rubyspot damselfly, Hetaerina americana
GF Grether, J Beninde, E Beraut, N Chumchim, M Escalona, ...
Journal of Heredity 114 (4), 385-394, 2023
Description of Apistogramma allpahuayo sp. n., a new dwarf cichlid species (Teleostei: Perciformes: Geophaginae) from in and around the Reserva Nacional Allpahuayo Mishana …
U Römer, J Beninde, F Duponchelle, A Díaz, H Ortega, I Hahn, D Soares, ...
Vertebrate Zoology 62, 189-212, 2012
Copulation duration does not predict sperm transfer in a marine hermaphrodite
R Lange, J Beninde, V Reichel, J Werminghausen, T Gerlach, N Anthes
Animal behaviour 83 (2), 469-472, 2012
CaliPopGen: a genetic and life history database for the fauna and flora of California
J Beninde, EM Toffelmier, A Andreas, C Nishioka, M Slay, A Soto, ...
Scientific Data 9 (1), 380, 2022
Quantifying uncertainty in inferences of landscape genetic resistance due to choice of individual‐based genetic distance metric
J Beninde, J Wittische, AC Frantz
Molecular Ecology Resources 24 (1), e13831, 2024
Harnessing iNaturalist to quantify hotspots of urban biodiversity: The Los Angeles case study
J Beninde, TW Delaney, G Gonzalez, HB Shaffer
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 11, 983371, 2023
Description of Apistogramma paulmuelleri sp. n., a new geophagine cichlid species (Teleostei: Perciformes) from the Amazon river basin in Loreto, Peru
U Römer, J Beninde, F Duponchelle, CRGCR García, A Díaz, JF Renno
Vertebrate Zoology 63, 15-34, 2013
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