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The relationship between threshold voltage and dipolar character of self-assembled monolayers in organic thin-film transistors
M Salinas, CM Jäger, AY Amin, PO Dral, T Meyer-Friedrichsen, A Hirsch, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 134 (30), 12648-12652, 2012
Improving the charge transport in self-assembled monolayer field-effect transistors: from theory to devices
CM Jäger, T Schmaltz, M Novak, A Khassanov, A Vorobiev, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 135 (12), 4893-4900, 2013
The crystal structure of progesterone 5β-reductase from Digitalis lanata defines a novel class of short chain dehydrogenases/reductases
A Thorn, C Egerer-Sieber, CM Jäger, V Herl, F Müller-Uri, W Kreis, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 283 (25), 17260-17269, 2008
The morphology of integrated self-assembled monolayers and their impact on devices–A computational and experimental approach
M Novak, CM Jäger, A Rumpel, H Kropp, W Peukert, T Clark, M Halik
Organic Electronics 11 (8), 1476-1482, 2010
Amphiphilic perylene–calix [4] arene hybrids: synthesis and tunable self-assembly
F Rodler, B Schade, CM Jäger, S Backes, F Hampel, C Böttcher, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 137 (9), 3308-3317, 2015
Mixed self-assembled monolayer of molecules with dipolar and acceptor character—Influence on hysteresis and threshold voltage in organic thin-film transistors
A Jedaa, M Salinas, CM Jäger, T Clark, A Ebel, A Hirsch, M Halik
Applied Physics Letters 100 (6), 36, 2012
Indentation and Self-Healing Mechanisms of a Self-Assembled Monolayer A Combined Experimental and Modeling Study
C Meltzer, J Paul, H Dietrich, CM Jäger, T Clark, D Zahn, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 136 (30), 10718-10727, 2014
An unsymmetrical pentacene derivative with ambipolar behavior in organic thin-film transistors
SH Etschel, JT Margraf, AY Amin, F Hampel, CM Jäger, T Clark, M Halik, ...
Chemical Communications 49 (60), 6725-6727, 2013
Counterions control the self-assembly of structurally persistent micelles: theoretical prediction and experimental observation of stabilization by sodium ions
CM Jager, A Hirsch, B Schade, C Bottcher, T Clark
Chemistry-a European Journal 15 (34), 8586, 2009
Self-assembly of structurally persistent micelles is controlled by specific-ion effects and hydrophobic guests
CM Jäger, A Hirsch, B Schade, K Ludwig, C Böttcher, T Clark
Langmuir 26 (13), 10460-10466, 2010
Modeling charge transport in C60-based self-assembled monolayers for applications in field-effect transistors
S Leitherer, CM Jäger, M Halik, T Clark, M Thoss
The Journal of chemical physics 140 (20), 204702, 2014
Dendronizing and Metalating Trans-2 C60 Tetraaryl Porphyrins− A Versatile Approach Toward Water-Soluble Donor-Acceptor Conjugates
M Ruppert, F Spänig, M Wielopolski, CM Jäger, W Bauer, T Clark, ...
Chemistry (Weinheim an der Bergstrasse, Germany) 16 (35), 10797-10807, 2010
Molecular dynamics simulations of liquid phase interfaces: understanding the structure of the glycerol/water–dodecane system
FR Beierlein, AM Krause, CM Jäger, P Fita, E Vauthey, T Clark
Langmuir 29 (38), 11898-11907, 2013
Sodium Effect on Self‐Organization of Amphiphilic Carboxylates: Formation of Structured Micelles and Superlattices
K Rosenlehner, B Schade, C Böttcher, CM Jäger, T Clark, FW Heinemann, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 16 (31), 9544-9554, 2010
Anaerobic radical enzymes for biotechnology
CM Jäger, AK Croft
ChemBioEng Reviews 5 (3), 143-162, 2018
An ab initio and density functional theory study of radical-clock reactions
CM Jäger, M Hennemann, A Mieszała, T Clark
The Journal of organic chemistry 73 (4), 1536-1545, 2008
Simulation of charge transport in organic semiconductors: A time-dependent multiscale method based on nonequilibrium Green's functions
S Leitherer, CM Jäger, A Krause, M Halik, T Clark, M Thoss
Physical Review Materials 1 (6), 064601, 2017
A multi-agent quantum Monte Carlo model for charge transport: Application to organic field-effect transistors
T Bauer, CM Jäger, MJT Jordan, T Clark
The Journal of chemical physics 143 (4), 044114, 2015
Rational design of thermostable carbonic anhydrase mutants using molecular dynamics simulations
R Parra-Cruz, CM Jäger, PL Lau, RL Gomes, A Pordea
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 122 (36), 8526-8536, 2018
Driving forces for the self-assembly of graphene oxide on organic monolayers
J Kirschner, Z Wang, S Eigler, HP Steinrück, CM Jäger, T Clark, A Hirsch, ...
Nanoscale 6 (19), 11344-11350, 2014
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