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Martin Helmkampf
Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research (ZMT)
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Draft genome of the globally widespread and invasive Argentine ant (Linepithema humile)
CD Smith, A Zimin, C Holt, E Abouheif, R Benton, E Cash, V Croset, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (14), 5673-5678, 2011
Draft genome of the red harvester ant Pogonomyrmex barbatus
CR Smith, CD Smith, HM Robertson, M Helmkampf, A Zimin, M Yandell, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (14), 5667-5672, 2011
The Genome Sequence of the Leaf-Cutter Ant Atta cephalotes Reveals Insights into Its Obligate Symbiotic Lifestyle
G Suen, C Teiling, L Li, C Holt, E Abouheif, E Bornberg-Bauer, P Bouffard, ...
PLoS genetics 7 (2), e1002007, 2011
Social insect genomes exhibit dramatic evolution in gene composition and regulation while preserving regulatory features linked to sociality
DF Simola, L Wissler, G Donahue, RM Waterhouse, M Helmkampf, ...
Genome research 23 (8), 1235-1247, 2013
Mechanisms and dynamics of orphan gene emergence in insect genomes
L Wissler, J Gadau, DF Simola, M Helmkampf, E Bornberg-Bauer
Genome biology and evolution 5 (2), 439-455, 2013
New phylogenomic data support the monophyly of Lophophorata and an Ectoproct-Phoronid clade and indicate that Polyzoa and Kryptrochozoa are caused by systematic bias
MP Nesnidal, M Helmkampf, A Meyer, A Witek, I Bruchhaus, I Ebersberger, ...
BMC evolutionary biology 13, 1-13, 2013
The genomic impact of 100 million years of social evolution in seven ant species
J Gadau, M Helmkampf, S Nygaard, J Roux, DF Simola, CR Smith, ...
Trends in Genetics 28 (1), 14-21, 2012
Phylogenomic analyses of lophophorates (brachiopods, phoronids and bryozoans) confirm the Lophotrochozoa concept
M Helmkampf, I Bruchhaus, B Hausdorf
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 275 (1645), 1927-1933, 2008
Spiralian phylogenomics supports the resurrection of Bryozoa comprising Ectoprocta and Entoprocta
B Hausdorf, M Helmkampf, A Meyer, A Witek, H Herlyn, I Bruchhaus, ...
Molecular Biology and Evolution 24 (12), 2723-2729, 2007
Compositional heterogeneity and phylogenomic inference of metazoan relationships
MP Nesnidal, M Helmkampf, I Bruchhaus, B Hausdorf
Molecular Biology and Evolution 27 (9), 2095-2104, 2010
Phylogenetic relationships within the lophophorate lineages (Ectoprocta, Brachiopoda and Phoronida)
B Hausdorf, M Helmkampf, MP Nesnidal, I Bruchhaus
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 55 (3), 1121-1127, 2010
Multigene analysis of lophophorate and chaetognath phylogenetic relationships
M Helmkampf, I Bruchhaus, B Hausdorf
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 46 (1), 206-214, 2008
Agent of whirling disease meets orphan worm: phylogenomic analyses firmly place Myxozoa in Cnidaria
MP Nesnidal, M Helmkampf, I Bruchhaus, M El-Matbouli, B Hausdorf
PloS one 8 (1), e54576, 2013
Evolution of the insect desaturase gene family with an emphasis on social Hymenoptera
M Helmkampf, E Cash, J Gadau
Molecular biology and evolution 32 (2), 456-471, 2015
How do genomes create novel phenotypes? Insights from the loss of the worker caste in ant social parasites
CR Smith, S Helms Cahan, C Kemena, SG Brady, W Yang, ...
Molecular biology and evolution 32 (11), 2919-2931, 2015
Draft Genome of the Rice Coral Montipora capitata Obtained from Linked-Read Sequencing
M Helmkampf, MR Bellinger, SM Geib, SB Sim, M Takabayashi
Genome biology and evolution 11 (7), 2045-2054, 2019
A High-Quality, Long-Read De Novo Genome Assembly to Aid Conservation of Hawaiiʻs Last Remaining Crow Species
JT Sutton, M Helmkampf, CC Steiner, MR Bellinger, J Korlach, R Hall, ...
Genes 9 (8), 393, 2018
Phylogenetic Relationships, Breeding Implications, and Cultivation History of Hawaiian Taro (Colocasia Esculenta) Through Genome-Wide SNP Genotyping
M Helmkampf, TK Wolfgruber, MR Bellinger, R Paudel, MB Kantar, ...
Journal of Heredity 109 (3), 272-282, 2018
Genetic Diversity in Taro (Colocasia esculenta)
SC Miyasaka, MR Bellinger, MB Kantar, M Helmkampf, T Wolfgruber, ...
Genetic diversity in horticultural plants, 191-215, 2019
De novo metatranscriptome assembly and coral gene expression profile of Montipora capitata with growth anomaly
M Frazier, M Helmkampf, MR Bellinger, SM Geib, M Takabayashi
BMC genomics 18, 1-11, 2017
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