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Pol Besenius
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Single-chain folding of polymers for catalytic systems in water
T Terashima, T Mes, TFA De Greef, MAJ Gillissen, P Besenius, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (13), 4742-4745, 2011
Supramolecular polymers in aqueous media
E Krieg, MMC Bastings, P Besenius, B Rybtchinski
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Controlling the growth and shape of chiral supramolecular polymers in water
P Besenius, G Portale, PHH Bomans, HM Janssen, ARA Palmans, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 107 (42), 17888-17893, 2010
Dynamic combinatorial discovery of a [2]-catenane and its guest-induced conversion into a molecular square host
KR West, RF Ludlow, PT Corbett, P Besenius, FM Mansfeld, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 130 (33), 10834-10835, 2008
pH‐Switchable ampholytic supramolecular copolymers
H Frisch, JP Unsleber, D Lüdeker, M Peterlechner, G Brunklaus, M Waller, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 52 (38), 10097-10101, 2013
Controlling supramolecular polymerization through multicomponent self‐assembly
P Besenius
Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry 55 (1), 34-78, 2017
Paramagnetic self‐assembled nanoparticles as supramolecular MRI contrast agents
P Besenius, JLM Heynens, R Straathof, MML Nieuwenhuizen, ...
Contrast media & molecular imaging 7 (3), 356-361, 2012
Controlled Supramolecular Oligomerization of C3‐Symmetrical Molecules in Water: The Impact of Hydrophobic Shielding
P Besenius, KP van den Hout, HMHG Albers, TFA de Greef, LLC Olijve, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 17 (18), 5193-5203, 2011
pH‐Switchable self‐assembled materials
H Frisch, P Besenius
Macromolecular rapid communications 36 (4), 346-363, 2015
pH‐Regulated selectivity in supramolecular polymerizations: switching between co‐and homopolymers
H Frisch, Y Nie, S Raunser, P Besenius
Chemistry–A European Journal 21 (8), 3304-3309, 2015
Side chains control dynamics and self-sorting in fluorescent organic nanoparticles
A Kaeser, I Fischer, R Abbel, P Besenius, D Dasgupta, MAJ Gillisen, ...
ACS nano 7 (1), 408-416, 2012
Kinetically Controlled Stepwise Self-Assembly of AuI-Metallopeptides in Water
B Kemper, L Zengerling, D Spitzer, R Otter, T Bauer, P Besenius
Journal of the American Chemical Society 140 (2), 534-537, 2018
Steric constraints induced frustrated growth of supramolecular nanorods in water
R Appel, J Fuchs, SM Tyrrell, PA Korevaar, MCA Stuart, IK Voets, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 21 (52), 19257-19264, 2015
Self-sorting in rodlike micelles of chiral bisurea bolaamphiphiles
A Pal, P Besenius, RP Sijbesma
Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (33), 12987-12989, 2011
Tuning the aqueous self-assembly of multistimuli-responsive polyanionic peptide nanorods
M von Gröning, I de Feijter, MCA Stuart, IK Voets, P Besenius
Journal of Materials Chemistry B 1 (15), 2008-2012, 2013
Affinity chromatography in dynamic combinatorial libraries: one-pot amplification and isolation of a strongly binding receptor
P Besenius, PAG Cormack, RF Ludlow, S Otto, DC Sherrington
Organic & biomolecular chemistry 8 (10), 2414-2418, 2010
Tailored Polymer‐Supported Templates in Dynamic Combinatorial Libraries: Simultaneous Selection, Amplification and Isolation of Synthetic Receptors
P Besenius, PAG Cormack, J Liu, S Otto, JKM Sanders, DC Sherrington
Chemistry–A European Journal 14 (29), 9006-9019, 2008
Synthesis and characterization of water-soluble densely branched glycopolymers
P Besenius, S Slavin, F Vilela, DC Sherrington
Reactive and Functional Polymers 68 (11), 1524-1533, 2008
From supramolecular polymers to hydrogel materials
CMA Leenders, T Mes, MB Baker, MME Koenigs, P Besenius, ...
Materials Horizons 1 (1), 116-120, 2014
Controlling the cooperativity in the supramolecular polymerization of ionic discotic amphiphiles via electrostatic screening
C Schaefer, IK Voets, ARA Palmans, EW Meijer, P van der Schoot, ...
ACS Macro Letters 1 (7), 830-833, 2012
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