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The interplay of coordinative, hydrogen bonding and π–π stacking interactions in sustaining supramolecular solid-state architectures.: A study case of bis (4-pyridyl)-and bis …
HW Roesky, M Andruh
Coordination chemistry reviews 236 (1-2), 91-119, 2003
Hetero-and metallasiloxanes derived from silanediols, disilanols, silanetriols, and trisilanols
R Murugavel, A Voigt, MG Walawalkar, HW Roesky
Chemical reviews 96 (6), 2205-2236, 1996
Synthesis and Structure of a Monomeric Aluminum(I) Compound [{HC(CMeNAr)2}Al] (Ar=2,6–iPr2C6H3): A Stable Aluminum Analogue of a Carbene
C Cui, HW Roesky, HG Schmidt, M Noltemeyer, H Hao, F Cimpoesu
Angewandte Chemie 112 (23), 4444-4446, 2000
Lewis base stabilized dichlorosilylene
RS Ghadwal, HW Roesky, S Merkel, J Henn, D Stalke
Angew. Chem., Int. Ed 48 (31), 5683-5686, 2009
The chemistry of aluminum (I), silicon (II), and germanium (II)
S Nagendran, HW Roesky
Organometallics 27 (4), 457-492, 2008
Synthesis and characterization of [PhC (NtBu) 2] SiCl: a stable monomeric chlorosilylene
CW So, HW Roesky, J Magull, RB Oswald
Angewandte Chemie 118 (24), 4052, 2006
Organometallic Fluorides: Compounds Containing Carbon− Metal− Fluorine Fragments of d-Block Metals
EF Murphy, R Murugavel, HW Roesky
Chemical reviews 97 (8), 3425-3468, 1997
Transformations of molecules and secondary building units to materials: a bottom-up approach
R Murugavel, MG Walawalkar, M Dan, HW Roesky, CNR Rao
Accounts of chemical research 37 (10), 763-774, 2004
High Yield Access to Silylene RSiCl (R = PhC(NtBu)2) and Its Reactivity toward Alkyne: Synthesis of Stable Disilacyclobutene
SS Sen, HW Roesky, D Stern, J Henn, D Stalke
Journal of the American Chemical Society 132 (3), 1123-1126, 2010
A Simple Synthesis of [(Cp*Al)4] and Its Conversion to the Heterocubanes [(Cp*AlSe)4] and [(Cp*AlTe)4] (Cp* = η5‐C5(CH3)5)
S Schulz, HW Roesky, HJ Koch, GM Sheldrick, D Stalke, A Kuhn
Angewandte Chemie International Edition in English 32 (12), 1729-1731, 1993
Synthesis and structures of monomeric divalent germanium and tin compounds containing a bulky diketiminato ligand
Y Ding, HW Roesky, M Noltemeyer, HG Schmidt, PP Power
Organometallics 20 (6), 1190-1194, 2001
A stable singlet biradicaloid siladicarbene:(L:) 2Si
KC Mondal, HW Roesky, MC Schwarzer, G Frenking, B Niepötter, H Wolf, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 52 (10), 2963-2967, 2013
Cyclic alkyl (amino) carbene stabilized complexes with low coordinate metals of enduring nature
S Roy, KC Mondal, HW Roesky
Accounts of Chemical Research 49 (3), 357-369, 2016
Discrete silanetriols: building blocks for three-dimensional metallasiloxanes
R Murugavel, V Chandrasekhar, HW Roesky
Accounts of chemical research 29 (4), 183-189, 1996
Dichlorosilylene: A high temperature transient species to an indispensable building block
RS Ghadwal, R Azhakar, HW Roesky
Accounts of chemical research 46 (2), 444-456, 2013
Group 14 hydrides with low valent elements for activation of small molecules
SK Mandal, HW Roesky
Accounts of Chemical Research 45 (2), 298-307, 2012
An Aluminum Hydride That Functions like a Transition‐Metal Catalyst
Z Yang, M Zhong, X Ma, S De, C Anusha, P Parameswaran, HW Roesky
Angewandte Chemie 127 (35), 10363-10367, 2015
Molecular phosphonate cages: model compounds and starting materials for phosphate materials
MG Walawalkar, HW Roesky, R Murugavel
Accounts of chemical research 32 (2), 117-126, 1999
An aluminum dihydride working as a catalyst in hydroboration and dehydrocoupling
Z Yang, M Zhong, X Ma, K Nijesh, S De, P Parameswaran, HW Roesky
Journal of the American Chemical Society 138 (8), 2548-2551, 2016
Oxidative addition of ammonia at a silicon (II) center and an unprecedented hydrogenation reaction of compounds with low-valent group 14 elements using ammonia borane
A Jana, C Schulzke, HW Roesky
Journal of the American Chemical Society 131 (13), 4600-4601, 2009
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