Martin Venturas
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Plant xylem hydraulics: what we understand, current research, and future challenges
MD Venturas, UG Hacke, JS Sperry
Journal of Integrative Plant Biology, 356-389, 2017
Predicting stomatal responses to the environment from the optimization of photosynthetic gain and hydraulic cost
JS Sperry, MD Venturas, WRL Anderegg, M Mencuccini, DS Mackay, ...
Plant, Cell & Environment, 816-830, 2017
The standard centrifuge method accurately measures vulnerability curves of long‐vesselled olive stems
UG Hacke, MD Venturas, ED MacKinnon, AL Jacobsen, JS Sperry, ...
New Phytologist 205 (1), 116-127, 2015
Chaparral Shrub Hydraulic Traits, Size, and Life History Types Relate to Species Mortality during California’s Historic Drought of 2014
M Venturas, ED MacKinnon, HL Dario, AL Jacobsen, RB Pratt, SD Davis
PLos One 11 (7), e0159145, 2016
Excising stem samples under water at native tension does not induce xylem cavitation
M Venturas, E MacKinnon, AL Jacobsen, RB Pratt
Plant, Cell & Environment 38, 1060-1068, 2015
Heritability of Ulmus minor resistance to Dutch elm disease and its relationship to vessel size, but not to xylem vulnerability to drought
M Venturas, R López, JA Martín, A Gascó, L Gil
Plant Pathology 63, 500-509, 2014
Extending glacial refugia for a European tree: genetic markers show that Iberian populations of white elm are native relicts and not introductions
P Fuentes-Utrilla, M Venturas, PM Hollingsworth, J Squirrell, C Collada, ...
Heredity, 2014
A stomatal control model based on optimization of carbon gain versus hydraulic risk predicts aspen sapling responses to drought
MD Venturas, JS Sperry, DM Love, EH Frehner, MG Allred, Y Wang, ...
New Phytologist 220, 836-850, 2018
Human-induced changes on fine-scale genetic structure in Ulmus laevis Pallas wetland forests at its SW distribution limit
M Venturas, P Fuentes-Utrilla, R Ennos, C Collada, L Gil
Plant ecology 214 (2), 317-327, 2013
Root resistance to cavitation is accurately measured using a centrifuge technique
RB Pratt, ED MacKinnon, MD Venturas, CJ Crous, AL Jacobsen
Tree Physiology 35, 185-196, 2015
Seven Ulmus minor clones tolerant to Ophiostoma novo-ulmi registered as forest reproductive material in Spain
JA Martín, A Solla, M Venturas, C Collada, J Domínguez, E Miranda, ...
iForest-Biogeosciences and Forestry 8, 172-180, 2015
Single vessel air injection estimates of xylem resistance to cavitation are affected by vessel network characteristics and sample length
MD Venturas, FD Rodriguez-Zaccaro, MI Percolla, CJ Crous, ...
Tree Physiology 36, 1247–1259, 2016
Empty seeds are not always bad: simultaneous effect of seed emptiness and masting on animal seed predation
R Perea, M Venturas, L Gil
Plos One 8 (6), e65573, 2013
Large volume vessels are vulnerable to water-stress-induced embolism in stems of poplar
AL Jacobsen, RB Pratt, MD Venturas, UG Hacke
IAWA journal 40 (1), 4-S4, 2019
Hydraulic properties of European elms: xylem safety-efficiency tradeoff and species distribution in the Iberian Peninsula
M Venturas, R López, A Gascó, L Gil
Trees 27 (6), 1691-1701, 2013
Direct comparison of four methods to construct xylem vulnerability curves: differences among techniques are linked to vessel network characteristics
MD Venturas, RB Pratt, AL Jacobsen, V Castro, JC Fickle, UG Hacke
Plant, Cell & Environment 42, 2422-2436, 2019
The reproductive ecology of Ulmus laevis Pallas in a transformed habitat
M Venturas, N Nanos, L Gil
Forest Ecology and Management 312, 170-178, 2014
Root iron uptake efficiency of Ulmus laevis and U. minor and their distribution in soils of the Iberian Peninsula
M Venturas, V Fernandez, P Nadal, JJ Lucena, P Guzman, L Gil
Frontiers in Plant Science 5, 104, 2014
High biogeographical and evolutionary value of Canary Island pine populations out of the elevational pine belt: the case of a relict coastal population
U López de Heredia, M Venturas, RA López, L Gil
Journal of Biogeography 37 (12), 2371-2383, 2010
Massive sequencing of Ulmus minor's transcriptome provides new molecular tools for a genus under the constant threat of Dutch elm disease
P Perdiguero, M Venturas, MT Cervera, L Gil, C Collada
Frontiers in Plant Science 6 (541), 2015
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