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Jörg Großhans
Philipps University
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A genetic link between morphogenesis and cell division during formation of the ventral furrow in Drosophila
J Großhans, E Wieschaus
Cell 101 (5), 523-531, 2000
In vivo mapping of hydrogen peroxide and oxidized glutathione reveals chemical and regional specificity of redox homeostasis
SC Albrecht, AG Barata, J Großhans, AA Teleman, TP Dick
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Positive feedback between Dia1, LARG, and RhoA regulates cell morphology and invasion
TM Kitzing, AS Sahadevan, DT Brandt, H Knieling, S Hannemann, ...
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Resolution doubling in fluorescence microscopy with confocal spinning-disk image scanning microscopy
O Schulz, C Pieper, M Clever, J Pfaff, A Ruhlandt, RH Kehlenbach, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110 (52), 21000-21005, 2013
Oligomerisation of Tube and Pelle leads to nuclear localisation of dorsal
J Großhans, F Schnorrer, C Nüsslein-Volhard
Mechanisms of development 81 (1-2), 127-138, 1999
RhoGEF2 and the formin Dia control the formation of the furrow canal by directed actin assembly during Drosophila cellularisation
J Großhans, C Wenzl, HM Herz, S Bartoszewski, F Schnorrer, N Vogt, ...
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Activation of the kinase Pelle by Tube in the dorsoventral signal transduction pathway of Drosophila embryo
J Großhans, A Bergmann, P Haffter, C Nüsslein-Volhard
Nature 372 (6506), 563-566, 1994
Developmental control of nuclear size and shape by Kugelkern and Kurzkern
A Brandt, F Papagiannouli, N Wagner, M Wilsch-Bräuninger, M Braun, ...
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Forces directing germ-band extension in Drosophila embryos
D Kong, F Wolf, J Großhans
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Rapid nonlinear image scanning microscopy
I Gregor, M Spiecker, R Petrovsky, J Großhans, R Ros, J Enderlein
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Control of cleavage cycles in Drosophila embryos by frühstart
J Großhans, HAJ Müller, E Wieschaus
Developmental cell 5 (2), 285-294, 2003
Separable and redundant regulatory determinants in Cactus mediate its dorsal group dependent degradation
NQ Fernandez, J Grosshans, JS Goltz, D Stein
Oxford University Press for The Company of Biologists Limited 128 (15), 2963 …, 2001
The farnesylated nuclear proteins KUGELKERN and LAMIN B promote aging‐like phenotypes in Drosophila flies
A Brandt, G Krohne, J Großhans
Aging cell 7 (4), 541-551, 2008
Nanobody‐Conjugated Nanotubes for Targeted Near‐Infrared In Vivo Imaging and Sensing
FA Mann, Z Lv, J Großhans, F Opazo, S Kruss
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 58 (33), 11469-11473, 2019
Localization of RhoGEF2 during Drosophila cellularization is developmentally controlled by Slam
C Wenzl, S Yan, P Laupsien, J Großhans
Mechanisms of development 127 (7-8), 371-384, 2010
Number of nuclear divisions in the Drosophila blastoderm controlled by onset of zygotic transcription
H Sung, S Spangenberg, N Vogt, J Großhans
Current Biology 23 (2), 133-138, 2013
The mechanical properties of early Drosophila embryos measured by high-speed video microrheology
AD Wessel, M Gumalla, J Grosshans, CF Schmidt
Biophysical journal 108 (8), 1899-1907, 2015
The F-BAR protein Cip4/Toca-1 antagonizes the formin Diaphanous in membrane stabilization and compartmentalization
S Yan, Z Lv, M Winterhoff, C Wenzl, T Zobel, J Faix, S Bogdan, ...
Journal of cell science 126 (8), 1796-1805, 2013
Xenopus Paraxial Protocadherin regulates morphogenesis by antagonizing Sprouty
Y Wang, P Janicki, I Köster, CD Berger, C Wenzl, J Großhans, ...
Genes & development 22 (7), 878, 2008
Pellino enhances innate immunity in Drosophila
A Haghayeghi, A Sarac, S Czerniecki, J Grosshans, F Schöck
Mechanisms of development 127 (5-6), 301-307, 2010
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