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Martin D. Hager
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Self‐healing materials
MD Hager
Handbook of Solid State Chemistry, 201-225, 2017
Functional soft materials from metallopolymers and metallosupramolecular polymers
GR Whittell, MD Hager, US Schubert, I Manners
Nature materials 10 (3), 176-188, 2011
Shape memory polymers: Past, present and future developments
MD Hager, S Bode, C Weber, US Schubert
Progress in Polymer Science 49, 3-33, 2015
An aqueous, polymer-based redox-flow battery using non-corrosive, safe, and low-cost materials
T Janoschka, N Martin, U Martin, C Friebe, S Morgenstern, H Hiller, ...
Nature 527 (7576), 78-81, 2015
Redox‐flow batteries: from metals to organic redox‐active materials
J Winsberg, T Hagemann, T Janoschka, MD Hager, US Schubert
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 56 (3), 686-711, 2017
Powering up the future: radical polymers for battery applications
T Janoschka, MD Hager, US Schubert
Advanced Materials 24 (48), 6397-6409, 2012
Self‐healing polymer coatings based on crosslinked metallosupramolecular copolymers
S Bode, L Zedler, FH Schacher, B Dietzek, M Schmitt, J Popp, MD Hager, ...
Advanced Materials 25 (11), 1634-1638, 2013
An aqueous redox‐flow battery with high capacity and power: the TEMPTMA/MV system
T Janoschka, N Martin, MD Hager, US Schubert
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 55 (46), 14427-14430, 2016
Photogenerated avenues in macromolecules containing Re (I), Ru (II), Os (II), and Ir (III) metal complexes of pyridine-based ligands
B Happ, A Winter, MD Hager, US Schubert
Chemical Society Reviews 41 (6), 2222-2255, 2012
Fluorescent monomers as building blocks for dye labeled polymers: synthesis and application in energy conversion, biolabeling and sensors
AM Breul, MD Hager, US Schubert
Chemical Society Reviews 42 (12), 5366-5407, 2013
Acylhydrazones as reversible covalent crosslinkers for self‐healing polymers
N Kuhl, S Bode, RK Bose, J Vitz, A Seifert, S Hoeppener, SJ Garcia, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 25 (22), 3295-3301, 2015
Poly (TEMPO)/Zinc Hybrid‐Flow Battery: A Novel,“Green,” High Voltage, and Safe Energy Storage System
J Winsberg, T Janoschka, S Morgenstern, T Hagemann, S Muench, ...
Advanced Materials 28 (11), 2238-2243, 2016
A Heteroleptic Bis (tridentate) Ruthenium (II) Complex of a Click‐Derived Abnormal Carbene Pincer Ligand with Potential for Photosensitzer Application
B Schulze, D Escudero, C Friebe, R Siebert, H Görls, U Köhn, E Altuntas, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 17 (20), 5494-5498, 2011
One‐Component Intrinsic Self‐Healing Coatings Based on Reversible Crosslinking by Diels–Alder Cycloadditions
J Kötteritzsch, S Stumpf, S Hoeppener, J Vitz, MD Hager, US Schubert
Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics 214 (14), 1636-1649, 2013
Self-healing metallopolymers based on cadmium bis (terpyridine) complex containing polymer networks
S Bode, RK Bose, S Matthes, M Ehrhardt, A Seifert, FH Schacher, ...
Polymer Chemistry 4 (18), 4966-4973, 2013
Photo‐rechargeable electric energy storage systems
D Schmidt, MD Hager, US Schubert
Advanced Energy Materials 6 (1), 1500369, 2016
Anion complexation by triazolium “ligands”: mono-and bis-tridentate complexes of sulfate
B Schulze, C Friebe, MD Hager, W Günther, U Köhn, BO Jahn, ...
Organic letters 12 (12), 2710-2713, 2010
2‐(1 H‐1, 2, 3‐Triazol‐4‐yl)‐Pyridine Ligands as Alternatives to 2, 2′‐Bipyridines in Ruthenium (II) Complexes
B Happ, C Friebe, A Winter, MD Hager, R Hoogenboom, US Schubert
Chemistry–An Asian Journal 4 (1), 154-163, 2009
TEMPO/phenazine combi-molecule: a redox-active material for symmetric aqueous redox-flow batteries
J Winsberg, C Stolze, S Muench, F Liedl, MD Hager, US Schubert
ACS Energy Letters 1 (5), 976-980, 2016
Metal‐containing polymers via electropolymerization
C Friebe, MD Hager, A Winter, US Schubert
Advanced Materials 24 (3), 332-345, 2012
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