Daniel Barsky
Daniel Barsky
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Neural computation and self-organizing maps: an introduction
H Ritter, T Martinetz, K Schulten, D Barsky, M Tesch, R Kates
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The major human abasic endonuclease: formation, consequences and repair of abasic lesions in DNA
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M Zhou, AM Sandercock, CS Fraser, G Ridlova, E Stephens, ...
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Immunoreactivity of organic mimeotopes of the E2 component of pyruvate dehydrogenase: connecting xenobiotics with primary biliary cirrhosis
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Identification of 2-nonynoic acid, a cosmetic component, as a potential trigger of primary biliary cirrhosis
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A structural basis for a phosphoramide mustard-induced DNA interstrand cross-link at 5'-d (GAC)
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Domain mapping of the Rad51 paralog protein complexes
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New insights into the structure of abasic DNA from molecular dynamics simulations
D Barsky, N Foloppe, S Ahmadia, DM Wilson III, AD MacKerell Jr
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Interaction and solvation energies of nonpolar DNA base analogues and their role in polymerase insertion fidelity
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AS2TS system for protein structure modeling and analysis
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Two processivity clamp interactions differentially alter the dual activities of UmuC
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An ab initio study of DNA base pair hydrogen bonding: a comparison of plane-wave versus Gaussian-type function methods
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Guanine− Cytosine Base Pairs in Parallel-Stranded DNA: An ab Initio Study of the Keto− Amino Wobble Pair versus the Enol− Imino Minor Tautomer Pair
D Barsky, ME Colvin
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 104 (37), 8570-8576, 2000
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