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Dietrich RT Zahn
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Photoluminescence emission and Raman response of monolayer MoS 2, MoSe 2, and WSe 2
P Tonndorf, R Schmidt, P Böttger, X Zhang, J Börner, A Liebig, M Albrecht, ...
Optics express 21 (4), 4908-4916, 2013
The transport gap of organic semiconductors studied using the combination of direct and inverse photoemission
DRT Zahn, GN Gavrila, M Gorgoi
Chemical Physics 325 (1), 99-112, 2006
Enhancement of the thermoelectric properties of PEDOT: PSS thin films by post-treatment
J Luo, D Billep, T Waechtler, T Otto, M Toader, O Gordan, E Sheremet, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 1 (26), 7576-7583, 2013
Electronic and vibrational spectroscopies applied to organic/inorganic interfaces
DRT Zahn, GN Gavrila, G Salvan
Chemical reviews 107 (4), 1161-1232, 2007
Resonant Raman spectroscopy of 3, 4, 9, 10-perylene-tetracarboxylic-dianhydride epitaxial films
R Scholz, AY Kobitski, TU Kampen, M Schreiber, DRT Zahn, G Jungnickel, ...
Physical Review B 61 (20), 13659, 2000
Barrier height engineering of Ag/GaAs (100) Schottky contacts by a thin organic interlayer
TU Kampen, S Park, DRT Zahn
Applied surface science 190 (1-4), 461-466, 2002
Raman spectroscopy investigation of size effects in cubic boron nitride
T Werninghaus, J Hahn, F Richter, DRT Zahn
Applied physics letters 70 (8), 958-960, 1997
Resonant Raman scattering study of CdSe nanocrystals passivated with CdS and ZnS
VM Dzhagan, MY Valakh, AE Raevskaya, AL Stroyuk, SY Kuchmiy, ...
Nanotechnology 18 (28), 285701, 2007
Self-trapped exciton recombination in silicon nanocrystals
AY Kobitski, KS Zhuravlev, HP Wagner, DRT Zahn
Physical Review B 63 (11), 115423, 2001
Size effects on Raman spectra of small CdSe nanoparticles in polymer films
VM Dzhagan, MY Valakh, AE Raevskaya, AL Stroyuk, SY Kuchmiy, ...
Nanotechnology 19 (30), 305707, 2008
Cubic boron nitride films by dc and rf magnetron sputtering: Layer characterization and process diagnostics
J Hahn, M Friedrich, R Pintaske, M Schaller, N Kahl, DRT Zahn, F Richter
Diamond and related materials 5 (10), 1103-1112, 1996
Analysis of molecular‐beam epitaxial growth of InAs on GaAs (100) by reflection anisotropy spectroscopy
SM Scholz, AB Müller, W Richter, DRT Zahn, DI Westwood, DA Woolf, ...
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B: Microelectronics and Nanometer …, 1992
Schottky contacts on passivated GaAs (1 0 0) surfaces: barrier height and reactivity
T Kampen, A Schüller, DRT Zahn, B Biel, J Ortega, R Pérez, F Flores
Applied surface science 234 (1-4), 341-348, 2004
Transport gap of organic semiconductors in organic modified Schottky contacts
DRT Zahn, TU Kampen, H Méndez
Applied Surface Science 212, 423-427, 2003
Experimental investigation and simulation of hybrid organic/inorganic Schottky diodes
A Bolognesi, A Di Carlo, P Lugli, T Kampen, DRT Zahn
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 15 (38), S2719, 2003
Optical and magneto-optical study of nickel and cobalt ferrite epitaxial thin films and submicron structures
C Himcinschi, I Vrejoiu, G Salvan, M Fronk, A Talkenberger, DRT Zahn, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 113 (8), 084101, 2013
Time-resolved photoluminescence study of excitons in α-PTCDA as a function of temperature
AY Kobitski, R Scholz, DRT Zahn, HP Wagner
Physical Review B 68 (15), 155201, 2003
Comparison of techniques to characterise the density, porosity and elastic modulus of porous low-k SiO2 xerogel films
C Murray, C Flannery, I Streiter, SE Schulz, MR Baklanov, KP Mogilnikov, ...
Microelectronic Engineering 60 (1-2), 133-141, 2002
Raman monitoring of semiconductor growth
V Wagner, D Drews, N Esser, DRT Zahn, J Geurts, W Richter
Journal of applied physics 75 (11), 7330-7333, 1994
Resonant Raman studies of compositional and size dispersion of CdS1− xSex nanocrystals in a glass matrix
YM Azhniuk, AG Milekhin, AV Gomonnai, VV Lopushansky, ...
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 16 (49), 9069, 2004
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