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The CWB2 cell wall-anchoring module is revealed by the crystal structures of the Clostridium difficile cell wall proteins Cwp8 and Cwp6
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Senescent cells as promising targets to tackle age-related diseases
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A Water-Assisted Catalytic Mechanism in Glycoside Hydrolases Demonstrated on the Staphylococcus aureus Autolysin E
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The comparison of docking search algorithms and scoring functions: an overview and case studies
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Discovery of (phenylureido)piperidinyl benzamides as prospective inhibitors of bacterial autolysin E from Staphylococcus aureus
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All-Atom Simulations Reveal a Key Interaction Network in the HLA-E/NKG2A/CD94 Immune Complex Fine-Tuned by the Nonameric Peptide
E Prašnikar, A Perdih, J Borišek
Journal of chemical information and modeling 61 (7), 3593-3603, 2021
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