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Implications of limited thermophilicity of nitrite reduction for control of sulfide production in oil reservoirs
TT Fida, C Chen, G Okpala, G Voordouw
Applied and environmental microbiology 82 (14), 4190-4199, 2016
Aerobic biodegradation of 2, 4-dinitroanisole by Nocardioides sp. strain JS1661
TT Fida, S Palamuru, G Pandey, JC Spain
Applied and environmental microbiology 80 (24), 7725-7731, 2014
Physiological and Transcriptome Response of the Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Degrading Novosphingobium sp. LH128 after Inoculation in Soil
TT Fida, SK Moreno-Forero, P Breugelmans, HJ Heipieper, WFM Röling, ...
Environmental Science & Technology 51 (3), 1570-1579, 2017
Genetic and metabolic analysis of the carbofuran catabolic pathway in Novosphingobium sp. KN65. 2
TPO Nguyen, DE Helbling, K Bers, TT Fida, R Wattiez, HPE Kohler, ...
Applied microbiology and biotechnology 98 (19), 8235-8252, 2014
Effect of thermophilic nitrate reduction on sulfide production in high temperature oil reservoir samples
GN Okpala, C Chen, T Fida, G Voordouw
Frontiers in Microbiology 8, 1573, 2017
Eight new microsatellite markers in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua L.) derived from an enriched genomic library
MS Wesmajervi, T Tafese, J Stenvik, KT Fjalestad, B Damsgård, ...
Molecular Ecology Notes 7 (1), 138-140, 2007
Biodegradation of isopropanol and acetone under denitrifying conditions by Thauera sp. TK001 for nitrate-mediated microbially enhanced oil recovery
TT Fida, F Gassara, G Voordouw
Journal of hazardous materials 334, 68-75, 2017
Physiology and transcriptome of the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon-degrading Sphingomonas sp. LH128 after long-term starvation
TT Fida, SK Moreno-Forero, HJ Heipieper, D Springael
Microbiology 159 (Pt_9), 1807-1817, 2013
Exposure to solute stress affects genome-wide expression but not the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon-degrading activity of Sphingomonas sp. strain LH128 in biofilms
TT Fida, P Breugelmans, R Lavigne, E Coronado, DR Johnson, ...
Applied and environmental microbiology 78 (23), 8311-8320, 2012
Synergy of sodium nitroprusside and nitrate in inhibiting the activity of sulfate reducing bacteria in oil-containing bioreactors
TT Fida, J Voordouw, M Ataeian, M Kleiner, G Okpala, J Mand, ...
Frontiers in microbiology 9, 981, 2018
Development of ten new EST-derived microsatellites in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua L.)
JI Westgaard, T Tafese, MS Wesmajervi, F Nilsen, KT Fjalestad, ...
Conservation Genetics 8 (6), 1503-1506, 2007
Iron-Dependent Enzyme Catalyzes the Initial Step in Biodegradation of N-Nitroglycine by Variovorax sp. Strain JS1663
KM Mahan, H Zheng, TT Fida, RJ Parry, DE Graham, JC Spain
Applied and Environmental Microbiology 83 (15), e00457-17, 2017
Identification and characterisation of thirteen new microsatellites for Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua L.) from a repeat-enriched library
JI Westgaard, T Tafese, MS Wesmajervi, J Stenvik, KT Fjalestad, ...
Conservation Genetics 8 (3), 749-751, 2007
Identification of opsA, a Gene Involved in Solute Stress Mitigation and Survival in Soil, in the Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon-Degrading Bacterium …
TT Fida, P Breugelmans, R Lavigne, JR van der Meer, R De Mot, ...
Applied and environmental microbiology 80 (11), 3350-3361, 2014
Twenty‐three novel microsatellite markers developed from Atlantic cod Gadus morhua L. expressed sequence tags
M Delghandi, MS Wesmajervi, T Tafese, F Nilsen
Journal of Fish Biology 73 (2), 444-449, 2008
Nitration enzyme toolkit for the biosynthesis of energetic materials
DE Graham, JC Spain, RJ Parry, RL Hettich, KM Mahan, DM Klingeman, ...
Isolation and characterization of diesel-degrading bacteria from hydrocarbon-contaminated sites, flower farms, and soda lakes
GK Bekele, SA Gebrie, E Mekonen, TT Fida, AA Woldesemayat, EM Abda, ...
International Journal of Microbiology 2022, 2022
Microbial sulfite oxidation coupled to nitrate reduction in makeup water for oil production
TT Fida, M Sharma, Y Shen, G Voordouw
Chemosphere 284, 131298, 2021
Sodium nitroprusside and nitrate metabolic inhibition of sulfate-reducing microbes to control sulfide production
T Fida, G Voordouw, J Mand
US Patent 11,286,414, 2022
Transcriptomic analysis of phenanthrene degrading Sphingomonas biofilms exposed to environmentally relevant solute and matric stresses
TT Fida, P Breugelmans, R Lavigne, E Coronado, D Johnson, ...
Communications in agricultural and applied biological sciences 76 (1), 69-72, 2011
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