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A fast pathway for fear in human amygdala
C Mendez-Bertolo, S Moratti, R Toledano, F Lopez-Sosa, ...
Nature neuroscience 19 (8), 1041-1049, 2016
Looking at emotional words is not the same as reading emotional words: Behavioral and neural correlates
JA Hinojosa, C Méndez‐Bértolo, MA Pozo
Psychophysiology 47 (4), 748-757, 2010
Electrophysiological differences in the processing of affective information in words and pictures
JA Hinojosa, L Carretié, MA Valcárcel, C Méndez-Bértolo, MA Pozo
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JA Hinojosa, L Carretié, C Méndez-Bértolo, A Míguez, MA Pozo
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Word frequency modulates the processing of emotional words: Convergent behavioral and electrophysiological data
C Méndez-Bértolo, MA Pozo, JA Hinojosa
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Priming effects on the N400 in the affective priming paradigm with facial expressions of emotion
L Aguado, T Dieguez-Risco, C Méndez-Bértolo, MA Pozo, JA Hinojosa
Cognitive, Affective, & Behavioral Neuroscience 13 (2), 284-296, 2013
High arousal words influence subsequent processing of neutral information: Evidence from event-related potentials
JA Hinojosa, C Méndez-Bértolo, MA Pozo
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Emotion modulates language production during covert picture naming
JA Hinojosa, C Méndez-Bértolo, L Carretié, MA Pozo
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Dynamic gamma frequency feedback coupling between higher and lower order visual cortices underlies perceptual completion in humans
S Moratti, C Méndez-Bértolo, F Del-Pozo, BA Strange
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Event-related potential correlates of visual identity negative priming unbiased by trial-by-trial effects
JA Hinojosa, MA Pozo, C Méndez-Bértolo, D Luna
Brain and Cognition 69 (3), 531-537, 2009
Temporal dynamics of amygdala response to emotion-and action-relevance
R Guex, C Méndez-Bértolo, S Moratti, BA Strange, L Spinelli, RJ Murray, ...
Scientific Reports 10 (1), 1-16, 2020
Early effects of emotion on word immediate repetition priming: Electrophysiological and source localization evidence
C Méndez-Bértolo, MA Pozo, JA Hinojosa
Cognitive, Affective, & Behavioral Neuroscience 11 (4), 652-665, 2011
Ultrafast cortical gain adaptation in the human brain by trial-to-trial changes of associative strength in fear learning
M Yuan, T Giménez-Fernández, C Méndez-Bértolo, S Moratti
Journal of Neuroscience 38 (38), 8262-8276, 2018
Prejudice drives exogenous attention to outgroups
T Giménez-Fernández, D Kessel, U Fernández-Folgueiras, S Fondevila, ...
Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience 15 (6), 615-624, 2020
Conditioned inhibitory and excitatory gain modulations of visual cortex in fear conditioning: Effects of analysis strategies of magnetocortical responses
S Moratti, T Giménez‐Fernández, C Méndez‐Bértolo, F de Vicente‐Pérez
Psychophysiology 54 (6), 882-893, 2017
& Strange, BA (2016). A fast pathway for fear in human amygdala
C Méndez-Bértolo, S Moratti, R Toledano, F Lopez-Sosa, ...
Nature neuroscience 19 (8), 1041, 0
Neurophysiological evidence for early modulation of amygdala activity by emotional reappraisal
R Guex, C Hofstetter, J Domínguez-Borrŕs, C Méndez-Bértolo, ...
Biological Psychology 145, 211-223, 2019
Retinotopy of emotion: Perception of negatively valenced stimuli presented at different spatial locations as revealed by event‐related potentials
L Carretié, C Méndez‐Bértolo, C Bódalo, M Hernández‐Lorca, ...
Human Brain Mapping 41 (7), 1711-1724, 2020
Human amygdala response to unisensory and multisensory emotion input: No evidence for superadditivity from intracranial recordings
J Domínguez-Borrŕs, R Guex, C Mendez-Bertolo, G Legendre, L Spinelli, ...
Neuropsychologia 131, 9-24, 2019
Efectos del contenido emocional sobre la producción del lenguaje
JA Hinojosa, C Méndez-Bértolo, L Carretié Arangüena, MÁ Pozo
Ciencia Cognitiva, 2010
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