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Selenocysteine vs cysteine: tuning the derivatization on benzenesulfonyl moiety of a triazole linked dansyl connected glycoconjugate for selective recognition of selenocysteine …
S Areti, SK Verma, J Bellare, CP Rao
Analytical chemistry 88 (14), 7259-7267, 2016
Thiourea linked peracetylated glucopyranosyl–anthraquinone conjugate as reversible ON–OFF receptor for fluoride in acetonitrile
S Areti, JK Khedkar, R Chilukula, CP Rao
Tetrahedron Letters 54 (41), 5629-5634, 2013
Water-Soluble 8-Hydroxyquinoline Conjugate of Amino-Glucose As Receptor for La3+ in HEPES Buffer, on Whatman Cellulose Paper and in Living Cells
S Areti, S Bandaru, R Teotia, CP Rao
Analytical chemistry 87 (24), 12348-12354, 2015
Coumarine–imino–C2-glucosyl conjugate as receptor for Cu2+ in blood serum milieu, on silica gel sheet and in Hep G2 cells and the characterization of the species of recognition
S Areti, JK Khedkar, S Bandaru, R Teotia, J Bellare, CP Rao
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Glyco-conjugate as selective switch-on molecule for Hg 2+ in the presence of albumin proteins, blood serum milieu and on silica gel solid support
S Areti, DS Yarramala, K Samanta, VK Hinge, J Khedkar, CP Rao
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Synthesis, Structure, and Hg2+-Ion-Sensing Properties of Stable Calixazasmaragdyrins
T Chatterjee, S Areti, M Ravikanth
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A water soluble glucopyranosyl conjugate as a selective and reactive probe for cysteine in a buffer and its application to living cells
S Areti, R Teotia, CP Rao
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Pyrenyl-imino-C2-glucosyl conjugate: synthesis, characterization, and ratiometric and reversible OFF–ON receptor for Hg2+
S Areti, VK Hinge, CP Rao
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Optimizing the electron-withdrawing character on benzenesulfonyl moiety attached to a glyco-conjugate to impart sensitive and selective sensing of cyanide in HEPES buffer and …
S Areti, S Bandaru, DS Yarramala, CP Rao
Analytical chemistry 87 (24), 12396-12403, 2015
Triazole-Linked Quinoline Conjugate of Glucopyranose: Selectivity Comparison among Zn2+, Cd2+, and Hg2+ Based on Spectroscopy, Thermodynamics, and Microscopy …
S Areti, S Bandaru, CP Rao
ACS omega 1 (4), 626-635, 2016
Role of aromatic moiety in the probe property toward picric acid: synthesis, crystal structure, spectroscopy, microscopy, and computational modeling of a Knoevenagel …
S Areti, S Bandaru, R Kandi, CP Rao
ACS omega 4 (1), 1167-1177, 2019
C Trends in Carbohydrate Research
A Mitra, S Areti, AK Mittal, S Bhakta, CP Rao
Glyco‐Conjugate Design and Demonstration as Receptors for the Species of Biological, Ecological and Medical Importance: Support from Spectroscopy and Microscopy
A Sivaiah, R Nag, C Pulla Rao
ChemistrySelect 6 (9), 2051-2079, 2021
Integrating glucosyl moiety with the reporting group through linker resulting in conjugates suitable for ion and molecular recognition: Critical analysis of our own demonstrations.
S Areti, CP Rao
Trends in Carbohydrate Research 9 (1), 2017
Tuning glycoconjugates to acquire selectivity for toxic Hg2+ ion.
S Areti, CP Rao
Trends in Carbohydrate Research 8 (2), 2016
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