Adriana Vallesi
Adriana Vallesi
Associate Professor in zoology
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Autocrine mitogenic activity of pheromones produced by the protozoan ciliate Euplotes raikovi
A Vallesi, G Giuli, RA Bradshaw, P Luporini
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Chemical signaling in ciliates
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Detection of a novel subspecies of Francisella noatunensis as endosymbiont of the ciliate Euplotes raikovi
M Schrallhammer, M Schweikert, A Vallesi, F Verni, G Petroni
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Beyond the “Code”: a guide to the description and documentation of biodiversity in ciliated protists (Alveolata, Ciliophora)
A Warren, DJ Patterson, M Dunthorn, JC Clamp, UEM Achilles‐Day, ...
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Primary structure of Euplotes raikovi pheromones: comparison of five sequences of pheromones from cells with variable mating interactions
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The Autocrine Mitogenic Loop of the Ciliate Euplotes raikovi: The Pheromone Membrane-bound Forms Are the Cell Binding Sites and Potential Signaling …
C Ortenzi, C Alimenti, A Vallesi, B Di Pretoro, AL Terza, P Luporini
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Antarctic and Arctic populations of the ciliate Euplotes nobilii show common pheromone-mediated cell-cell signaling and cross-mating
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Autocrine, mitogenic pheromone receptor loop of the ciliate Euplotes raikovi: pheromone-induced receptor internalization
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Molecular cold‐adaptation: Comparative analysis of two homologous families of psychrophilic and mesophilic signal proteins of the protozoan ciliate, Euplotes
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Pheromone evolution in the protozoan ciliate, Euplotes: the ability to synthesize diffusible forms is ancestral and secondarily lost
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Improved description of the bipolar ciliate, Euplotes petzi, and definition of its basal position in the Euplotes phylogenetic tree
G Di Giuseppe, F Erra, FP Frontini, F Dini, A Vallesi, P Luporini
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Structure–Function Relationships of Pheromones of the CiliateEuplotes raikoviwith Mammalian Growth Factors: Cross-Reactivity between Er-1 and Interleukin-2 Systems
A Vallesi, G Giuli, P Ghiara, G Scapigliati, P Luporini
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Developmental analysis of the cell recognition mechanism in the ciliate Euplotes raikovi
P Luporini, C Miceli, C Ortenzi, A Vallesi
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Ciliate pheromones as early growth factors and cytokines.
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Complete genome sequence of Francisella endociliophora strain FSC1006, isolated from a laboratory culture of the marine ciliate Euplotes raikovi
A Sjödin, C Öhrman, S Bäckman, A Lärkeryd, M Granberg, E Lundmark, ...
Genome announcements 2 (6), 2014
Phylogeographical pattern of Euplotes nobilii, a protist ciliate with a bipolar biogeographical distribution
G Di Giuseppe, M Barbieri, A Vallesi, P Luporini, F Dini
Molecular ecology 22 (15), 4029-4037, 2013
Evidence for Gene Duplication and Allelic Codominance (not Hierarchical Dominance) at the Mating‐Type Locus of the Ciliate, Euplotes crassus
A Vallesi, C Alimenti, S Federici, G Di Giuseppe, F Dini, G Guella, ...
Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology 61 (6), 620-629, 2014
Isolation and Structural Characterization of Two Water‐Borne Pheromones from Euplotes crassus, a Ciliate Commonly Known to Carry Membrane‐Bound …
C Alimenti, A Vallesi, S Federici, G Di Giuseppe, D Fernando, V Carratore, ...
Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology 58 (3), 234-241, 2011
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