Vimal K. Tiwari
Vimal K. Tiwari
Postdoc Fellow,Soongsil University, South Korea
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Radiation-resistant behavior of poly (vinylidene fluoride)/layered silicate nanocomposites
VK Tiwari, PK Kulriya, DK Avasthi, P Maiti
ACS applied materials & interfaces 1 (2), 311-318, 2009
Effects of Tacticity and Molecular Weight of Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) on Its Glass Transition Temperature
CS Biswas, VK Patel, NK Vishwakarma, VK Tiwari, B Maiti, P Maiti, ...
Macromolecules 44 (14), 5822-5824, 2011
Nanoparticle and process induced super toughened piezoelectric hybrid materials: the effect of stretching on filled system
VK Tiwari, AK Prasad, V Singh, KK Jana, M Misra, CD Prasad, P Maiti
Macromolecules 46 (14), 5595-5603, 2013
Boron Nitride Nanosheets (BNNSs) Chemically Modified by “Grafting‐From” Polymerization of Poly (caprolactone) for Thermally Conductive Polymer Composites
J Lee, H Jung, S Yu, S Man Cho, VK Tiwari, D Babu Velusamy, C Park
Chemistry–An Asian Journal 11 (13), 1921-1928, 2016
Poly (vinylidene fluoride-co-hexafluoro propylene)/layered silicate nanocomposites: the effect of swift heavy ion
VK Tiwari, PK Kulriya, DK Avasthi, P Maiti
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 113 (34), 11632-11641, 2009
Nanoparticle induced piezoelectric, super toughened, radiation resistant, multi-functional nanohybrids
VK Tiwari, T Shripathi, NP Lalla, P Maiti
Nanoscale 4 (1), 167-175, 2012
Synthesis of ultra-small carbon nanospheres (< 50 nm) with uniform tunable sizes by a convenient catalytic emulsion polymerization strategy: superior supercapacitive and …
VK Tiwari, Z Chen, F Gao, Z Gu, X Sun, Z Ye
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 5 (24), 12131-12143, 2017
Swift heavy ion induced ordering and piezoelectric β-phase in poly (vinylidene fluoride)
VK Tiwari, DK Avasthi, P Maiti
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 3 (5), 1398-1401, 2011
Synthesis of sulfur-co-polymer/porous long carbon nanotubes composite cathode by chemical and physical binding for high performance lithium-sulfur batteries
VK Tiwari, H Song, Y Oh, Y Jeong
Energy 195, 117034, 2020
Surface modification of nano Na [Ni0. 60Mn0. 35Co0. 05] O2 cathode material by dextran functionalized RGO via hydrothermal treatment for high performance sodium batteries
R Mishra, SK Singh, H Gupta, N Srivastava, D Meghnani, RK Tiwari, ...
Applied Surface Science 535, 147695, 2021
Thin and surface adhesive ferroelectric poly (vinylidene fluoride) films with β phase‐inducing amino modified porous silica nanofillers
VK Tiwari, RV Ghorpade, KL Kim, G Song, T Kim, H Han, C Park
Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics 54 (23), 2401-2411, 2016
Silicon carbide-induced piezoelectric β-phase in poly (vinylidene fluoride) and its properties
J Sheth, D Kumar, VK Tiwari, P Maiti
Journal of Materials Research 27 (14), 1838-1845, 2012
Electron beam‐induced piezoelectric phase in poly (vinylidene fluoride) nanohybrid: effect at the molecular level
VK Tiwari, MC Rath, SK Sarkar, VK Patel, B Ray, B Maiti, P Maiti
Polymer International 64 (2), 212-221, 2015
New generation fuel cell membrane using swift heavy ions
KK Jana, VK Tiwari, DK Avasthi, TK Paine, P Maiti
ChemistrySelect 2 (22), 6413-6437, 2017
Swift heavy ions induced controlled biodegradation of poly (ε-caprolactone) nanohybrids
VK Tiwari, NK Singh, DK Avasthi, M Misra, P Maiti
Radiation Physics and Chemistry 82, 92-99, 2013
Polar β-Phase PVdF-HFP-Based Freestanding and Flexible Gel Polymer Electrolyte for Better Cycling Stability in a Na Battery
R Mishra, SK Singh, H Gupta, RK Tiwari, D Meghnani, A Patel, A Tiwari, ...
Energy & Fuels 35 (18), 15153-15165, 2021
Thin poly (ionic liquid) and poly (vinylidene fluoride) blend films with ferro‐and piezo‐electric polar γ‐crystals
VK Tiwari, Y Lee, G Song, K Lib Kim, Y Jung Park, C Park
Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics 56 (10), 795-802, 2018
Multifaceted ethylenediamine and hydrothermal assisted optimum reduced GO‐nanosulfur composite as high capacity cathode for lithium‐sulfur batteries
RK Tiwari, SK Singh, H Gupta, N Srivastava, D Meghnani, R Mishra, ...
Electrochemical Science Advances 2 (1), e202100025, 2022
The effect of pore structure and surface properties of carbon nanotube films on the performance of a lithium sulfur battery
H Song, Y Hwang, VT Kumar, Y Jeong
Carbon letters 27, 12-17, 2018
Superior cycling stability of saturated graphitic carbon nitride in hydrogel reduced graphene oxide anode for Sodium-ion battery
A Patel, H Gupta, SK Singh, N Srivastava, R Mishra, D Meghnani, ...
FlatChem 33, 100351, 2022
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