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Epitaxial growth and optical properties of semipolar GaN and quantum wells on GaN bulk substrates
M Ueda, K Kojima, M Funato, Y Kawakami, Y Narukawa, T Mukai
Applied Physics Letters 89 (21), 211907, 2006
The origins and properties of intrinsic nonradiative recombination centers in wide bandgap GaN and AlGaN
SF Chichibu, A Uedono, K Kojima, H Ikeda, K Fujito, S Takashima, M Edo, ...
Journal of applied physics 123 (16), 161413, 2018
Polarization switching phenomena in semipolar In x Ga 1− x N/GaN quantum well active layers
M Ueda, M Funato, K Kojima, Y Kawakami, Y Narukawa, T Mukai
Physical Review B 78 (23), 233303, 2008
Optical gain spectra for near UV to aquamarine (Al, In) GaN laser diodes
K Kojima, UT Schwarz, M Funato, Y Kawakami, S Nagahama, T Mukai
Optics Express 15 (12), 7730-7736, 2007
Nitrogen vacancies as a common element of the green luminescence and nonradiative recombination centers in Mg-implanted GaN layers formed on a GaN substrate
K Kojima, S Takashima, M Edo, K Ueno, M Shimizu, T Takahashi, ...
Applied Physics Express 10 (6), 061002, 2017
Accurate alignment of a photonic crystal nanocavity with an embedded quantum dot based on optical microscopic photoluminescence imaging
T Kojima, K Kojima, T Asano, S Noda
Applied Physics Letters 102 (1), 011110, 2013
Carrier Trapping by Vacancy‐Type Defects in Mg‐Implanted GaN Studied Using Monoenergetic Positron Beams
A Uedono, S Takashima, M Edo, K Ueno, H Matsuyama, W Egger, ...
physica status solidi (b) 255 (4), 1700521, 2018
Interplay of built-in potential and piezoelectric field on carrier recombination in green light emitting InGaN quantum wells
UT Schwarz, H Braun, K Kojima, Y Kawakami, S Nagahama, T Mukai
Applied Physics Letters 91 (12), 123503, 2007
Gain suppression phenomena observed in quantum well laser diodes emitting at
K Kojima, M Funato, Y Kawakami, S Nagahama, T Mukai, H Braun, ...
Applied physics letters 89 (24), 241127, 2006
Stimulated emission at from an InGaN laser diode structure grown on a () GaN substrate
K Kojima, M Funato, Y Kawakami, S Masui, S Nagahama, T Mukai
Applied Physics Letters 91 (25), 251107, 2007
Theoretical investigations on anisotropic optical properties in semipolar and nonpolar InGaN quantum wells
K Kojima, H Kamon, M Funato, Y Kawakami
physica status solidi c 5 (9), 3038-3041, 2008
Large electron capture-cross-section of the major nonradiative recombination centers in Mg-doped GaN epilayers grown on a GaN substrate
SF Chichibu, K Shima, K Kojima, S Takashima, M Edo, K Ueno, ...
Applied Physics Letters 112 (21), 211901, 2018
Carrier localization structure combined with current micropaths in AlGaN quantum wells grown on an AlN template with macrosteps
K Kojima, Y Nagasawa, A Hirano, M Ippommatsu, Y Honda, H Amano, ...
Applied Physics Letters 114 (1), 011102, 2019
Defect-Resistant Radiative Performance of m-Plane Immiscible Al1−xInxN Epitaxial Nanostructures for Deep-Ultraviolet and Visible Polarized Light Emitters
AUYS Shigefusa F. Chichibu, Kazunobu Kojima
Advanced materials, 2016
Quantum electrodynamics of a nanocavity coupled with exciton complexes in a quantum dot
M Yamaguchi, T Asano, K Kojima, S Noda
Physical Review B 80 (15), 155326, 2009
Room-temperature photoluminescence lifetime for the near-band-edge emission of (000) p-type GaN fabricated by sequential ion-implantation of Mg and H
K Shima, H Iguchi, T Narita, K Kataoka, K Kojima, A Uedono, SF Chichibu
Applied Physics Letters 113 (19), 191901, 2018
Determination of absolute value of quantum efficiency of radiation in high quality GaN single crystals using an integrating sphere
K Kojima, T Ohtomo, K Ikemura, Y Yamazaki, M Saito, H Ikeda, K Fujito, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 120 (1), 015704, 2016
Low-resistivity m-plane freestanding GaN substrate with very low point-defect concentrations grown by hydride vapor phase epitaxy on a GaN seed crystal synthesized by the …
K Kojima, Y Tsukada, E Furukawa, M Saito, Y Mikawa, S Kubo, H Ikeda, ...
Applied Physics Express 8 (9), 095501, 2015
Impact of nonpolar AlGaN quantum wells on deep ultraviolet laser diodes
K Kojima, AA Yamaguchi, M Funato, Y Kawakami, S Noda
Journal of Applied Physics 110 (4), 043115, 2011
Annealing Behavior of Vacancy‐Type Defects in Mg‐and H‐Implanted GaN Studied Using Monoenergetic Positron Beams
A Uedono, H Iguchi, T Narita, K Kataoka, W Egger, T Koschine, ...
physica status solidi (b) 256 (10), 1900104, 2019
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