Marco Scambelluri
Marco Scambelluri
Professore di Petrografia e Petrologia Università di Genova
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Deep fluids in subduction zones
M Scambelluri, P Philippot
Lithos 55 (1-4), 213-227, 2001
The fate of B, Cl and Li in the subducted oceanic mantle and in the antigorite breakdown fluids
M Scambelluri, O Müntener, L Ottolini, TT Pettke, R Vannucci
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 222 (1), 217-234, 2004
The importance of serpentinite mylonites for subduction and exhumation of oceanic crust
J Hermann, O Müntener, M Scambelluri
Tectonophysics 327 (3-4), 225-238, 2000
High abundances of noble gas and chlorine delivered to the mantle by serpentinite subduction
MA Kendrick, M Scambelluri, M Honda, D Phillips
Nature Geoscience 4 (11), 807-812, 2011
Subduction of water into the mantle: history of an Alpine peridotite
M Scambelluri, O Müntener, J Hermann, GB Piccardo, V Trommsdorff
Geology 23 (5), 459-462, 1995
Dehydration of subducting serpentinite: implications for halogen mobility in subduction zones and the deep halogen cycle
T John, M Scambelluri, M Frische, JD Barnes, W Bach
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 308 (1-2), 65-76, 2011
Serpentinite subduction: implications for fluid processes and trace-element recycling
M Scambelluri, J Fiebig, N Malaspina, O Müntener, T Pettke
International Geology Review 46 (7), 595-613, 2004
High salinity fluid inclusions formed from recycled seawater in deeply subducted alpine serpentinite
M Scambelluri, GB Piccardo, P Philippot, A Robbiano, L Negretti
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 148 (3-4), 485-499, 1997
Incompatible element-rich fluids released by antigorite breakdown in deeply subducted mantle
M Scambelluri, P Bottazzi, V Trommsdorff, R Vannucci, J Hermann, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 192 (3), 457-470, 2001
Polyphase inclusions in garnet–orthopyroxenite (Dabie Shan, China) as monitors for metasomatism and fluid-related trace element transfer in subduction zone peridotite
N Malaspina, J Hermann, M Scambelluri, R Compagnoni
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 249 (3-4), 173-187, 2006
Fluid escape from subduction zones controlled by channel-forming reactive porosity
O Plümper, T John, YY Podladchikov, JC Vrijmoed, M Scambelluri
Nature Geoscience 10 (2), 150-156, 2017
Boron isotope evidence for shallow fluid transfer across subduction zones by serpentinized mantle
M Scambelluri, S Tonarini
Geology 40 (10), 907-910, 2012
Majoritic garnets monitor deep subduction fluid flow and mantle dynamics
M Scambelluri, T Pettke, HLM Van Roermund
Geology 36 (1), 59-62, 2008
Ophiolite mélange zone records exhumation in a fossil subduction channel
L Federico, L Crispini, M Scambelluri, G Capponi
Geology 35 (6), 499-502, 2007
Melt-versus fluid-induced metasomatism in spinel to garnet wedge peridotites (Ulten Zone, Eastern Italian Alps): clues from trace element and Li abundances
M Scambelluri, J Hermann, L Morten, E Rampone
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 151, 372-394, 2006
Subduction zone fluxes of halogens and noble gases in seafloor and forearc serpentinites
MA Kendrick, M Honda, T Pettke, M Scambelluri, D Phillips, A Giuliani
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 365, 86-96, 2013
Chlorine cycling during subduction of altered oceanic crust
P Philippot, P Agrinier, M Scambelluri
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 161 (1-4), 33-44, 1998
Alpine olivine‐and titanian clinohumite‐bearing assemblages in the Erro‐Tobbio peridotite (Voltri Massif, NW Italy)
M Scambelluri, EHH Strating, GB Piccardo, RLM Vissers, E Rampone
Journal of Metamorphic Geology 9 (1), 79-91, 1991
Fluid and element cycling in subducted serpentinite: a trace-element study of the Erro–Tobbio high-pressure ultramafites (Western Alps, NW Italy)
M Scambelluri, E Rampone, GB Piccardo
Journal of Petrology 42 (1), 55-67, 2001
Fluid/mineral interaction in UHP garnet peridotite
N Malaspina, J Hermann, M Scambelluri
Lithos 107 (1-2), 38-52, 2009
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