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Studying the solvothermal formation of MoO3 fibers by complementary in situ EXAFS/EDXRD techniques
A Michailovski, JD Grunwaldt, A Baiker, R Kiebach, W Bensch, GR Patzke
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 44 (35), 5643-5647, 2005
Stability of La0. 6Sr0. 4Co0. 2Fe0. 8O3/Ce0. 9Gd0. 1O2 cathodes during sintering and solid oxide fuel cell operation
R Kiebach, WW Zhang, W Zhang, M Chen, K Norrman, HJ Wang, ...
Journal of Power Sources 283, 151-161, 2015
Four New Thioantimonates(III) with the General Formula [TM(tren)]Sb4S7 (TM = Mn, Fe, Co, Zn) with the Transition Metal as Part of a Thioantimonate(III) Network …
M Schaefer, R Staehler, WR Kiebach, C Naether, W Bensch
Zeitschrift für anorganische und allgemeine Chemie 630 (12), 1816-1822, 2004
Influence of hydroxyl content of binders on rheological properties of cerium–gadolinium oxide (CGO) screen printing inks
D Marani, C Gadea, J Hjelm, P Hjalmarsson, M Wandel, R Kiebach
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 35 (5), 1495-1504, 2015
Solvothermal Synthesis and Characterization of the New Iron Thioantimonates(III) [Fe(C6H18N4)]FeSbS4 and [Fe(C4H13N3)2]Fe2Sb4S10 Containing FeII and FeIII and …
R Kiebach, W Bensch, RD Hoffmann, R Poettgen
Zeitschrift für anorganische und allgemeine Chemie 629 (3), 532-538, 2003
Hydrothermal formation of W/Mo-Oxides: A multidisciplinary study of growth and shape
R Kiebach, N Pienack, W Bensch, JD Grunwaldt, A Michailovski, A Baiker, ...
Chemistry of Materials 20 (9), 3022-3033, 2008
Morphological and kinetic studies on hexagonal tungstates
A Michailovski, R Kiebach, W Bensch, JD Grunwaldt, A Baiker, ...
Chemistry of materials 19 (2), 185-197, 2007
Combined in situ EDXRD/EXAFS investigation of the crystal growth of [Co (C6H18N4)][Sb2S4] under solvothermal conditions: two different reaction pathways leading to the same product
R Kiebach, N Pienack, ME Ordolff, F Studt, W Bensch
Chemistry of materials 18 (5), 1196-1205, 2006
[C6H17N3] 4 [Sb4V16O42]⋅ 2H2O and [NH4] 4 [Sb8V14O42]⋅ 2H2O—the first isolated Sb derivates of the [V18O42] family
R Kiebach, C Näther, W Bensch
Solid state sciences 8 (8), 964-970, 2006
Infiltration of ionic-, electronic-and mixed-conducting nano particles into La0. 75Sr0. 25MnO3–Y0. 16Zr0. 84O2 cathodes–A comparative study of performance enhancement and …
R Kiebach, C Knöfel, F Bozza, T Klemensø, C Chatzichristodoulou
Journal of power sources 228, 170-177, 2013
[V IV 15 Sb III 6 O 42] 6−: An antimony analogue of the molecular magnet [V 15 As 6 O 42 (H 2 O)] 6−
R Kiebach, C Näther, P Kögerler, W Bensch
Dalton Transactions, 3221-3223, 2007
An Ag based brazing system with a tunable thermal expansion for the use as sealant for solid oxide cells
R Kiebach, K Engelbrecht, L Grahl-Madsen, B Sieborg, M Chen, J Hjelm, ...
Journal of Power Sources 315, 339-350, 2016
Characterization of impregnated GDC nano structures and their functionality in LSM based cathodes
T Klemensø, C Chatzichristodoulou, J Nielsen, F Bozza, K Thydén, ...
Solid State Ionics 224, 21-31, 2012
In‐situ Energy Dispersive X‐ray Diffraction Studies of the Crystallization of (1, 2‐DAPH2)2Ge9(OH)4O18 · 2 H2O under Solvothermal Conditions
R Kiebach, M Schaefer, F Porsch, W Bensch
Zeitschrift für anorganische und allgemeine Chemie 631 (2‐3), 369-374, 2005
Two Novel Thioantimonates (III) with the Same Stoichiometric Sb: S Ratio but Different Crystal Structures: Solvothermal Synthesis, Crystal Structures, Thermal Stability and …
V Spetzler, R Kiebach, C Näther, W Bensch
Zeitschrift für anorganische und allgemeine Chemie 630 (13‐14), 2398-2404, 2004
Infiltration of SOFC stacks: evaluation of the electrochemical performance enhancement and the underlying changes in the microstructure
R Kiebach, P Zielke, JVT Høgh, K Thyden, HJ Wang, R Barford, ...
Fuel cells 16 (1), 80-88, 2016
[Ni(C4H13N3)2]3(Sb3S6)2: The First Structure Containing Isolated Heterocyclic [Sb3S6]3− Anions
R Kiebach, F Studt, C Näther, W Bensch
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 2004 (12), 2553-2556, 2004
Comparison of MnCo2O4 coated Crofer 22 H, 441, 430 as interconnects for intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cell stacks
B Talic, V Venkatachalam, PV Hendriksen, R Kiebach
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 821, 153229, 2020
Simulation, design and proof-of-concept of a two-stage continuous hydrothermal flow synthesis reactor for synthesis of functionalized nano-sized inorganic composite materials
P Zielke, Y Xu, SB Simonsen, P Norby, R Kiebach
The Journal of Supercritical Fluids 117, 1-12, 2016
[Fe(C6H14N2)2][Sb6S10] – Using a Transition Metal Complex Acting as a Pillar for the Generation of a Three‐dimensional Thioantimonate(III) Network
R Kiebach, R Warratz, C Naether, W Bensch
Zeitschrift für anorganische und allgemeine Chemie 635 (6‐7), 988-994, 2009
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