Martin Beck
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M Beck, A Schmidt, J Malmstroem, M Claassen, A Ori, A Szymborska, ...
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M Beck, E Hurt
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In situ structural analysis of SARS-CoV-2 spike reveals flexibility mediated by three hinges
B Turoňová, M Sikora, C Schürmann, WJH Hagen, S Welsch, FEC Blanc, ...
Science abd5223 (2020), 2020
Proteome-wide cellular protein concentrations of the human pathogen Leptospira interrogans
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N Banterle, KH Bui, EA Lemke, M Beck
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Cell type‐specific nuclear pores: a case in point for context‐dependent stoichiometry of molecular machines
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Cellular Disposal of miR23b by RAB27-Dependent Exosome Release Is Linked to Acquisition of Metastatic PropertiesExosome miRNAs in Bladder Cancer Metastasis
MS Ostenfeld, DK Jeppesen, JR Laurberg, AT Boysen, JB Bramsen, ...
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T Mathieson, H Franken, J Kosinski, N Kurzawa, N Zinn, G Sweetman, ...
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Cryo-electron tomography: can it reveal the molecular sociology of cells in atomic detail?
M Beck, W Baumeister
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Organization of actin networks in intact filopodia
O Medalia, M Beck, M Ecke, I Weber, R Neujahr, W Baumeister, G Gerisch
Current biology 17 (1), 79-84, 2007
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