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Responses of bacterial communities in arable soils in a rice-wheat cropping system to different fertilizer regimes and sampling times
J Zhao, T Ni, Y Li, W Xiong, W Ran, B Shen, Q Shen, R Zhang
PloS one 9 (1), 2014
Effects of organic–inorganic compound fertilizer with reduced chemical fertilizer application on crop yields, soil biological activity and …
J Zhao, T Ni, J Li, Q Lu, Z Fang, Q Huang, R Zhang, R Li, QS Biao Shen*
Applied Soil Ecology 99, 1-12, 2015
Different continuous cropping spans significantly affect microbial community membership and structure in a vanilla-grown soil as revealed by deep pyrosequencing
W Xiong, Q Zhao, J Zhao, W Xun, R Li, R Zhang, H Wu, Q Shen
Microbial ecology 70 (1), 209-218, 2015
Pyrosequencing Reveals Contrasting Soil Bacterial Diversity and Community Structure of Two Main Winter Wheat Cropping Systems in China
J Zhao, R Zhang, C Xue, W Xun, L Sun, Y Xu, Q Shen
Microbial ecology, 443-453, 2014
Significant alteration of soil bacterial communities and organic carbon decomposition by different long-term fertilization management conditions of extremely low-productivity …
QSRZ Weibing Xun, Jun Zhao, Chao Xue, Guishan Zhang, Wei Ran, Boren Wang
Environmental microbiology, 2015
Effects of bio-organic fertilizer plus soil amendment on the control of tobacco bacterial wilt and composition of soil bacterial communities
K Wu, S Yuan, L Wang, J Shi, J Zhao, B Shen, Q Shen
Biology and fertility of soils 50 (6), 961-971, 2014
Variation of rhizosphere bacterial community in watermelon continuous mono-cropping soil by long-term application of a novel bioorganic fertilizer
N Ling, K Deng, Y Song, Y Wu, J Zhao, W Raza, Q Huang, Q Shen
Microbiological research 169 (7-8), 570-578, 2014
Environmental conditions rather than microbial inoculum composition determine the bacterial composition, microbial biomass and enzymatic activity of reconstructed soil …
W Xun, T Huang, J Zhao, W Ran, B Wang, Q Shen, R Zhang
Soil Biology & Biochemistry 90, 10-18, 2015
Root exudates drive the soil-borne legacy of aboveground pathogen infection
J Yuan, J Zhao, T Wen, M Zhao, R Li, P Goossens, Q Huang, Y Bai, ...
Microbiome 6 (1), 1-12, 2018
Comparison of Fungal community in Black Preper-Vanilla and Vanilla Monoculture Systems Associated with Vanilla Fusarium Wilt Disease
RLQS Wu Xiong, Qingyun Zhao, Chao Xue, Weibing Xun, Jun Zhao, Huasong Wu
Frontiers in Microbiology 7, 2016
Influence of straw incorporation with and without straw decomposer on soil bacterial community structure and function in a rice-wheat cropping system
J Zhao, T Ni, W Xun, X Huang, Q Huang, W Ran, B Shen, R Zhang, ...
Applied microbiology and biotechnology 101 (11), 4761-4773, 2017
Quantitative and compositional responses of ammonia-oxidizing archaea and bacteria to long-term field fertilization
NLQS Chao Xue, Xu Zhang, Chen Zhu, Jun Zhao, Ping Zhu, Chang Peng
Scientific Reports 6, 2016
Watermelon planting is capable to restructure the soil microbiome that regulated by reductive soil disinfestation
L Liu, S Chen, J Zhao, X Zhou, B Wang, Y Li, G Zheng, J Zhang, Z Cai, ...
Applied Soil Ecology 129, 52-60, 2018
Suppression of Fusarium wilt of cucumber by ammonia gas fumigation via reduction of Fusarium population in the field
J Zhao, Z Mei, X Zhang, C Xue, C Zhang, T Ma, S Zhang
Scientific reports 7, 43103, 2017
Development of a specific real-time PCR assay targeting the poly-γ-glutamic acid synthesis gene, pgsB, for the quantification of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens in solid-state …
X Yong, R Zhang, N Zhang, Y Chen, X Huang, J Zhao, Q Shen
Bioresource technology 129, 477-484, 2013
Comparative soil microbial communities and activities in adjacent Sanqi ginseng monoculture and maize-Sanqi ginseng systems
J Zhao, Y Li, B Wang, X Huang, L Yang, T Lan, J Zhang, Z Cai
Applied soil ecology 120, 89-96, 2017
赵军, 李勇, 冉炜, 张瑞福, 沈标, 沈其荣
Journal of Nanjing Agricultural University/Nanjuing Nongye Daxue Xuebao 39 (4), 2016
Effects of long-term no tillage treatment on gross soil N transformations in black soil in Northeast China
S Liu, X Zhang, J Zhao, J Zhang, C Müller, Z Cai
Geoderma 301, 42-46, 2017
Distinct impacts of reductive soil disinfestation and chemical soil disinfestation on soil fungal communities and memberships
J Zhao, X Zhou, A Jiang, J Fan, T Lan, J Zhang, Z Cai
Applied microbiology and biotechnology 102 (17), 7623-7634, 2018
Effects of organic manure partial substitution for chemical fertilizer on crop yield and soil microbiome in a rice-wheat cropping system.
J Zhao, Y Li, W Ran, RF Zhang, B Shen, QR Shen
Journal of Nanjing Agricultural University 39 (4), 594-602, 2016
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