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Late frost damage risk for viticulture under future climate conditions: a case study for the L uxembourgish winegrowing region
D Molitor, A Caffarra, P Sinigoj, I Pertot, L Hoffmann, J Junk
Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research 20 (1), 160-168, 2014
A high-resolution cumulative degree day-based model to simulate phenological development of grapevine
D Molitor, J Junk, D Evers, L Hoffmann, M Beyer
American Journal of Enology and Viticulture 65 (1), 72-80, 2014
A review of the potential climate change impacts and adaptation options for European viticulture
JA Santos, H Fraga, AC Malheiro, J Moutinho-Pereira, LT Dinis, C Correia, ...
Applied Sciences 10 (9), 3092, 2020
Impact of grape cluster division on cluster morphology and bunch rot epidemic
D Molitor, M Behr, L Hoffmann, D Evers
American journal of enology and viticulture 63 (4), 508-514, 2012
Crop cultural and chemical methods to control grey mould on grapes
D Molitor, M Rothmeier, M Behr, S Fischer, L Hoffmann, D Evers
Vitis 50 (2), 81-87, 2011
Timing of cluster-zone leaf removal and its impact on canopy morphology, cluster structure and bunch rot susceptibility of grapes
D Molitor, M Behr, S Fischer, L Hoffmann, D Evers
OENO One 45 (3), 149-159, 2011
Meteorological conditions determine the thermal-temporal position of the annual Botrytis bunch rot epidemic on Vitis vinifera L. cv. Riesling grapes
D Molitor, O Baus, L Hoffmann, M Beyer
Oeno One 50 (4), 2016
Postponing first shoot topping reduces grape cluster compactness and delays bunch rot epidemic
D Molitor, N Baron, T Sauerwein, CM André, A Kicherer, J Döring, M Stoll, ...
American Journal of Enology and Viticulture 66 (2), 164-176, 2015
Efficiency of different strategies for the control of grey mold on grapes including gibberellic acid (Gibb3), leaf removal and/or botrycide treatments
D Evers, D Molitor, M Rothmeier, M Behr, S Fischer, L Hoffmann
OENO One 44 (3), 151-159, 2010
Simulating the susceptibility of clusters to grape black rot infections depending on their phenological development
D Molitor, B Berkelmann-Loehnertz
Crop Protection 30 (12), 1649-1654, 2011
Phenguignardic Acid and Guignardic Acid, Phytotoxic Secondary Metabolites from Guignardia bidwellii
D Molitor, JC Liermann, B Berkelmann-Löhnertz, I Buckel, T Opatz, ...
Journal of natural products 75 (7), 1265-1269, 2012
Research note: Benefits and drawbacks of pre-bloom applications of gibberellic acid (GA3) for stem elongation in Sauvignon blanc
D Molitor, M Behr, L Hoffmann, D Evers
South African Journal of Enology and Viticulture 33 (2), 198-202, 2012
Phytotoxic dioxolanone-type secondary metabolites from Guignardia bidwellii
I Buckel, D Molitor, JC Liermann, LP Sandjo, B Berkelmann-Löhnertz, ...
Phytochemistry 89, 96-103, 2013
Climate change is implicating a two-fold impact on air temperature increase in the ripening period under the conditions of the Luxembourgish grapegrowing region
D Molitor, J Junk
OENO one 53 (3), 2019
Antifungal Activity of Saponins from the Fruit Pericarp of Sapindus mukorossi against Venturia inaequalis and Botrytis cinerea
FM Porsche, D Molitor, M Beyer, S Charton, C André, A Kollar
Plant disease 102 (5), 991-1000, 2018
What is the impact of heatwaves on European viticulture? A modelling assessment
H Fraga, D Molitor, L Leolini, JA Santos
Applied Sciences 10 (9), 3030, 2020
Application of standard methods for the grapevine (vitis vinifera l.) phenotypic diversity exploration: phenological traits
L Rustioni, G Cola, S Fiori, O Failla, R Bacilieri, E Maul, JE Eiras Dias, ...
Acta Hortic 1032, 253-260, 2014
Temperature-based grapevine sugar ripeness modelling for a wide range of Vitis vinifera L. cultivars
AK Parker, IG de Cortázar-Atauri, L Gény, JL Spring, A Destrac, H Schultz, ...
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 285, 107902, 2020
Epidemiology, identification and disease management of grape black rot and potentially useful metabolites of black rot pathogens for industrial applications–a review
D Molitor, M Beyer
Annals of applied biology 165 (3), 305-317, 2014
Semi-minimal pruned hedge: a potential climate change adaptation strategy in viticulture
D Molitor, M Schultz, R Mannes, M Pallez-Barthel, L Hoffmann, M Beyer
Agronomy 9 (4), 173, 2019
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