Gemma Atkinson
Gemma Atkinson
Senior lecturer, Lund University
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Recent functional insights into the role of (p) ppGpp in bacterial physiology
V Hauryliuk, GC Atkinson, KS Murakami, T Tenson, K Gerdes
Nature Reviews Microbiology 13 (5), 298-309, 2015
The RelA SpoT homolog (RSH) superfamily: distribution and functional evolution of ppGpp synthetases and hydrolases across the tree of life
GC Atkinson, T Tenson, V Hauryliuk
Distinct XPPX sequence motifs induce ribosome stalling, which is rescued by the translation elongation factor EF-P
L Peil, AL Starosta, J Lassak, GC Atkinson, K Virumäe, M Spitzer, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110 (38), 15265-15270, 2013
Mechanism of tetracycline resistance by ribosomal protection protein Tet (O)
W Li, GC Atkinson, NS Thakor, Ü Allas, C Lu, KY Chan, T Tenson, ...
Nature communications 4 (1), 1-8, 2013
Evolution of nonstop, no-go and nonsense-mediated mRNA decay and their termination factor-derived components
GC Atkinson, SL Baldauf, V Hauryliuk
BMC evolutionary biology 8 (1), 1-18, 2008
Macrolide antibiotics allosterically predispose the ribosome for translation arrest
S Sothiselvam, B Liu, W Han, H Ramu, D Klepacki, GC Atkinson, A Brauer, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (27), 9804-9809, 2014
Lys34 of translation elongation factor EF-P is hydroxylated by YfcM
L Peil, AL Starosta, K Virumäe, GC Atkinson, T Tenson, J Remme, ...
Nature chemical biology 8 (8), 695-697, 2012
ABCF ATPases involved in protein synthesis, ribosome assembly and antibiotic resistance: structural and functional diversification across the tree of life
V Murina, M Kasari, H Takada, M Hinnu, CK Saha, JW Grimshaw, T Seki, ...
Journal of molecular biology 431 (18), 3568-3590, 2019
Translational stalling at polyproline stretches is modulated by the sequence context upstream of the stall site
AL Starosta, J Lassak, L Peil, GC Atkinson, K Virumäe, T Tenson, ...
Nucleic acids research 42 (16), 10711-10719, 2014
Structural basis for antibiotic resistance mediated by the Bacillus subtilis ABCF ATPase VmlR
C Crowe-McAuliffe, M Graf, P Huter, H Takada, M Abdelshahid, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115 (36), 8978-8983, 2018
Mitochondrial translation initiation machinery: conservation and diversification
A Kuzmenko, GC Atkinson, S Levitskii, N Zenkin, T Tenson, V Hauryliuk, ...
Biochimie 100, 132-140, 2014
Target protection as a key antibiotic resistance mechanism
DN Wilson, V Hauryliuk, GC Atkinson, AJ O’Neill
Nature Reviews Microbiology 18 (11), 637-648, 2020
A widespread toxin− antitoxin system exploiting growth control via alarmone signaling
S Jimmy, CK Saha, T Kurata, C Stavropoulos, SRA Oliveira, A Koh, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117 (19), 10500-10510, 2020
Evolutionary and genetic analyses of mitochondrial translation initiation factors identify the missing mitochondrial IF3 in S. cerevisiae
GC Atkinson, A Kuzmenko, P Kamenski, MY Vysokikh, V Lakunina, ...
Nucleic acids research 40 (13), 6122-6134, 2012
Antibiotic resistance ABCF proteins reset the peptidyl transferase centre of the ribosome to counter translational arrest
V Murina, M Kasari, V Hauryliuk, GC Atkinson
Nucleic acids research 46 (7), 3753-3763, 2018
Negative allosteric regulation of Enterococcus faecalis small alarmone synthetase RelQ by single-stranded RNA
J Beljantseva, P Kudrin, L Andresen, V Shingler, GC Atkinson, T Tenson, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (14), 3726-3731, 2017
GTP-dependent structural rearrangement of the eRF1: eRF3 complex and eRF3 sequence motifs essential for PABP binding
AV Kononenko, VA Mitkevich, GC Atkinson, T Tenson, VI Dubovaya, ...
Nucleic acids research 38 (2), 548-558, 2010
The evolutionary and functional diversity of classical and lesser-known cytoplasmic and organellar translational GTPases across the tree of life
GC Atkinson
BMC genomics 16 (1), 1-15, 2015
Evolution of elongation factor G and the origins of mitochondrial and chloroplast forms
GC Atkinson, SL Baldauf
Molecular biology and evolution 28 (3), 1281-1292, 2011
A conserved proline triplet in Val-tRNA synthetase and the origin of elongation factor P
AL Starosta, J Lassak, L Peil, GC Atkinson, CJ Woolstenhulme, K Virumäe, ...
Cell reports 9 (2), 476-483, 2014
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