Theres Grüter
Theres Grüter
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Grammatical gender in L2: A production or a real-time processing problem?
T Grüter, C Lew-Williams, A Fernald
Second Language Research 28 (2), 191-215, 2012
Comprehension and production of French object clitics by child second language learners and children with specific language impairment
T Grüter
Applied psycholinguistics 26 (3), 363-391, 2005
Object clitics and null objects in the acquisition of French
T Grüter
McGill University, 2006
Relative language exposure, processing efficiency and vocabulary in Spanish–English bilingual toddlers
N Hurtado, T Grüter, VA Marchman, A Fernald
Bilingualism: Language and Cognition 17 (1), 189-202, 2014
Caregiver talk to young SpanishEnglish bilinguals: comparing direct observation and parentreport measures of duallanguage exposure
VA Marchman, LZ Martínez, N Hurtado, T Grüter, A Fernald
Developmental science 20 (1), e12425, 2017
Input and experience in bilingual development
T Grüter, J Paradis
John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2014
Coreference and discourse coherence in L2: The roles of grammatical aspect and referential form
T Grüter, H Rohde, AJ Schafer
Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism 7 (2), 199-229, 2017
Object clitics and their omission in child L2 French: The contributions of processing limitations and L1 transfer
T Grüter, M Crago
Bilingualism 15 (3), 531, 2012
The role of discourse-level expectations in non-native speakers' referential choices
T Grüter, H Rohde, A Schafer
Proceedings of the annual Boston university conference on Language Development, 2014
Language exposure and online processing efficiency in bilingual development
T Grüter, N Hurtado, VA Marchman, A Fernald
Input and experience in bilingual development 13, 15-36, 2014
Another take on the L2 initial state: Evidence from comprehension in L2 German
T Gruter
Language Acquisition 13 (4), 287-317, 2006
Object (clitic) omission in L2 French: Mis-setting or missing surface inflection
T Grüter
Proceedings of the 8th generative approaches to second language acquisition …, 2006
L2 processing is affected by RAGE: Evidence from reference resolution
T Grüter, H Rohde
the 12th conference on Generative Approaches to Second Language Acquisition …, 2013
Acquiring the scope of disjunction and negation in L2: A bidirectional study of learners of Japanese and English
T Grüter, M Lieberman, A Gualmini
Language Acquisition 17 (3), 127-154, 2010
Investigating the L2 initial state
T Grüter, S Conradie
R. Slabakova, SA Montrul & P. Prévost (Eds.), Inquiries in Linguistic …, 2006
Introduction to “Input and experience in bilingual development”
J Paradis, T Grüter
Input and experience in bilingual development, 1-14, 2014
Effects of event-structure and topic/focus-marking on pronoun reference in Korean
K Kim, T Grüter, AJ Schafer
Poster presented at the 26th annual CUNY conference on human sentence …, 2013
Blocking effects in the learning of Chinese classifiers
JZ Paul, T Grüter
Language Learning 66 (4), 972-999, 2016
Do null subjects really transfer?
R Orfitelli, T Grüter
Proceedings of the 12th generative approaches to second language acquisition …, 2013
Interpreting object clitics in real-time: eye-tracking evidence from 4-year-old and adult speakers of Spanish
T Grüter, N Hurtado, A Fernald
Proceedings of the 36th Annual Boston University Conference on Language …, 2012
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