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Igor Mazets
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Relaxation and prethermalization in an isolated quantum system
M Gring, M Kuhnert, T Langen, T Kitagawa, B Rauer, M Schreitl, I Mazets, ...
Science 337 (6100), 1318-1322, 2012
Experimental observation of a generalized Gibbs ensemble
T Langen, S Erne, R Geiger, B Rauer, T Schweigler, M Kuhnert, ...
Science 348 (6231), 207-211, 2015
Experimental characterization of a quantum many-body system via higher-order correlations
T Schweigler, V Kasper, S Erne, I Mazets, B Rauer, F Cataldini, T Langen, ...
Nature 545 (7654), 323-326, 2017
Reversible state transfer between superconducting qubits and atomic ensembles
D Petrosyan, G Bensky, G Kurizki, I Mazets, J Majer, J Schmiedmayer
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Cold Bose gases with large scattering lengths
S Cowell, H Heiselberg, IE Mazets, J Morales, VR Pandharipande, ...
Physical review letters 88 (21), 210403, 2002
Breakdown of integrability in a quasi-1D ultracold bosonic gas
IE Mazets, T Schumm, J Schmiedmayer
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Density ripples in expanding low-dimensional gases as a probe of correlations
A Imambekov, IE Mazets, DS Petrov, V Gritsev, S Manz, S Hofferberth, ...
Physical Review A 80 (3), 033604, 2009
Two-point density correlations of quasicondensates in free expansion
S Manz, R Bücker, T Betz, C Koller, S Hofferberth, IE Mazets, ...
Physical Review A 81 (3), 031610, 2010
Multiatom cooperative emission following single-photon absorption: Dicke-state dynamics
IE Mazets, G Kurizki
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 40 (6), F105, 2007
Prethermalization revealed by the relaxation dynamics of full distribution functions
DA Smith, M Gring, T Langen, M Kuhnert, B Rauer, R Geiger, T Kitagawa, ...
New Journal of Physics 15 (7), 075011, 2013
Two-point phase correlations of a one-dimensional bosonic Josephson junction
T Betz, S Manz, R Bücker, T Berrada, C Koller, G Kazakov, IE Mazets, ...
Physical review letters 106 (2), 020407, 2011
Atom interferometry with trapped Bose–Einstein condensates: impact of atom–atom interactions
J Grond, U Hohenester, I Mazets, J Schmiedmayer
New Journal of Physics 12 (6), 065036, 2010
Local relaxation and light-cone-like propagation of correlations in a trapped one-dimensional Bose gas
R Geiger, T Langen, IE Mazets, J Schmiedmayer
New Journal of Physics 16 (5), 053034, 2014
Thermalization in a quasi-one-dimensional ultracold bosonic gas
IE Mazets, J Schmiedmayer
New Journal of Physics 12 (5), 055023, 2010
Weakly interacting Bose gas in the one-dimensional limit
P Krüger, S Hofferberth, IE Mazets, I Lesanovsky, J Schmiedmayer
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Pseudoresonance mechanism of all-optical frequency-standard operation
G Kazakov, B Matisov, I Mazets, G Mileti, J Delporte
Physical Review A 72 (6), 063408, 2005
Extension of the generalized hydrodynamics to the dimensional crossover regime
F Møller, C Li, I Mazets, HP Stimming, T Zhou, Z Zhu, X Chen, ...
Physical Review Letters 126 (9), 090602, 2021
Cooling of a one-dimensional Bose gas
B Rauer, P Grišins, IE Mazets, T Schweigler, W Rohringer, R Geiger, ...
Physical Review Letters 116 (3), 030402, 2016
Non-equilibrium scale invariance and shortcuts to adiabaticity in a one-dimensional Bose gas
W Rohringer, D Fischer, F Steiner, IE Mazets, J Schmiedmayer, M Trupke
Scientific reports 5 (1), 9820, 2015
Highly nonlocal optical nonlinearities in atoms trapped near a waveguide
E Shahmoon, P Grišins, HP Stimming, I Mazets, G Kurizki
Optica 3 (7), 725-733, 2016
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