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Francesco Giannici
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Photochemical synthesis of water-soluble gold nanorods: the role of silver in assisting anisotropic growth
T Placido, R Comparelli, F Giannici, PD Cozzoli, G Capitani, M Striccoli, ...
Chemistry of materials 21 (18), 4192-4202, 2009
Long-Range and Short-Range Structure of Proton-Conducting Y:BaZrO3
F Giannici, M Shirpour, A Longo, A Martorana, R Merkle, J Maier
Chemistry of Materials 23 (11), 2994-3002, 2011
Indium doping in barium cerate: the relation between local symmetry and the formation and mobility of protonic defects
F Giannici, A Longo, A Balerna, KD Kreuer, A Martorana
Chemistry of Materials 19 (23), 5714-5720, 2007
Nickel (II), copper (II) and zinc (II) metallo-intercalators: structural details of the DNA-binding by a combined experimental and computational investigation
A Lauria, R Bonsignore, A Terenzi, A Spinello, F Giannici, A Longo, ...
Dalton Transactions 43 (16), 6108-6119, 2014
Structure and the metal support interaction of the Au/Mn oxide catalysts
A Longo, LF Liotta, GD Carlo, F Giannici, AM Venezia, A Martorana
Chemistry of Materials 22 (13), 3952-3960, 2010
Effect of Pre-Reduction on the Properties and the Catalytic Activity of Pd/Carbon Catalysts: A Comparison with Pd/Al2O3
G Agostini, C Lamberti, R Pellegrini, G Leofanti, F Giannici, A Longo, ...
ACS Catalysis 4 (1), 187-194, 2014
Local environment of Barium, Cerium and Yttrium in BaCe1− xYxO3− δ ceramic protonic conductors
F Giannici, A Longo, F Deganello, A Balerna, AS Arico, A Martorana
Solid State Ionics 178 (7-10), 587-591, 2007
Structure and oxide ion conductivity: local order, defect interactions and grain boundary effects in acceptor-doped ceria
F Giannici, G Gregori, C Aliotta, A Longo, J Maier, A Martorana
Chemistry of Materials 26 (20), 5994-6006, 2014
Proton Dynamics in In:BaZrO3: Insights on the Atomic and Electronic Structure from X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy
F Giannici, A Longo, A Balerna, KD Kreuer, A Martorana
Chemistry of materials 21 (13), 2641-2649, 2009
Ionic liquids gels: Soft materials for environmental remediation
S Marullo, C Rizzo, NT Dintcheva, F Giannici, F D'Anna
Journal of colloid and interface science 517, 182-193, 2018
Dopants and defects: Local structure and dynamics in barium cerates and zirconates
F Giannici, A Longo, KD Kreuer, A Balerna, A Martorana
Solid State Ionics 181 (3-4), 122-125, 2010
Local environment of yttrium in Y-doped barium cerate compounds
A Longo, F Giannici, A Balerna, C Ingrao, F Deganello, A Martorana
Chemistry of materials 18 (24), 5782-5788, 2006
Formation and growth of Pd nanoparticles inside a highly cross-linked polystyrene support: role of the reducing agent
E Groppo, G Agostini, E Borfecchia, L Wei, F Giannici, G Portale, A Longo, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118 (16), 8406-8415, 2014
Structure of the metal–support interface and oxidation state of gold nanoparticles supported on ceria
A Longo, LF Liotta, G Pantaleo, F Giannici, AM Venezia, A Martorana
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116 (4), 2960-2966, 2012
Metal−Support Interaction and Redox Behavior of Pt(1 wt %)/Ce0.6Zr0.4O2
G Deganello, F Giannici, A Martorana, G Pantaleo, A Prestianni, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 110 (17), 8731-8739, 2006
Structural analysis, phase stability and electrochemical characterization of Nb doped BaCe0. 9Y0. 1O3− x electrolyte for IT-SOFCs
E Di Bartolomeo, A D’Epifanio, C Pugnalini, F Giannici, A Longo, ...
Journal of Power Sources 199, 201-206, 2012
Structural characterization of surfactant-coated bimetallic cobalt/nickel nanoclusters by XPS, EXAFS, WAXS, and SAXS
L Sciortino, F Giannici, A Martorana, AM Ruggirello, VT Liveri, G Portale, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 115 (14), 6360-6366, 2011
Dopant−Host Oxide Interaction and Proton Mobility in Gd:BaCeO3
F Giannici, A Longo, A Balerna, A Martorana
Chemistry of Materials 21 (4), 597-603, 2009
Crossing the boundary between face-centred cubic and hexagonal close packed: the structure of nanosized cobalt is unraveled by a model accounting for shape, size distribution …
A Longo, L Sciortino, F Giannici, A Martorana
Journal of Applied Crystallography 47 (5), 1562-1568, 2014
Influence of metal–support interaction on the surface structure of gold nanoclusters deposited on native SiO x/Si substrates
G Portale, L Sciortino, C Albonetti, F Giannici, A Martorana, W Bras, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16 (14), 6649-6656, 2014
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