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A surface-eroding poly (1, 3-trimethylene carbonate) coating for fully biodegradable magnesium-based stent applications: toward better biofunction, biodegradation and …
J Wang, Y He, MF Maitz, B Collins, K Xiong, L Guo, Y Yun, G Wan, ...
Acta biomaterialia 9 (10), 8678-8689, 2013
Flow-induced corrosion behavior of absorbable magnesium-based stents
J Wang, V Giridharan, V Shanov, Z Xu, B Collins, L White, Y Jang, ...
Acta biomaterialia 10 (12), 5213-5223, 2014
Covalent immobilization of phytic acid on Mg by alkaline pre-treatment: Corrosion and degradation behavior in phosphate buffered saline
Y Chen, G Wan, J Wang, S Zhao, Y Zhao, N Huang
Corrosion science 75, 280-286, 2013
Flow-induced corrosion of absorbable magnesium alloy: In-situ and real-time electrochemical study
J Wang, Y Jang, G Wan, V Giridharan, GL Song, Z Xu, Y Koo, P Qi, ...
Corrosion science 104, 277-289, 2016
Biofunctionalization of titanium with PEG and anti-CD34 for hemocompatibility and stimulated endothelialization
J Chen, J Cao, J Wang, MF Maitz, L Guo, Y Zhao, Q Li, K Xiong, N Huang
Journal of colloid and interface science 368 (1), 636-647, 2012
Tissue-engineered vascular grafts with advanced mechanical strength from human iPSCs
J Luo, L Qin, L Zhao, L Gui, MW Ellis, Y Huang, MH Kural, JA Clark, S Ono, ...
Cell Stem Cell 26 (2), 251-261. e8, 2020
Guidance of stem cells to a target destination in vivo by magnetic nanoparticles in a magnetic field
J Chen, N Huang, B Ma, MF Maitz, J Wang, J Li, Q Li, Y Zhao, K Xiong, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 5 (13), 5976-5985, 2013
Absorbable magnesium-based stent: physiological factors to consider for in vitro degradation assessments
J Wang, CE Smith, J Sankar, Y Yun, N Huang
Regenerative biomaterials 2 (1), 59-69, 2015
Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) induced chemical conversion coatings for corrosion protection of biomedical MgZnMn alloys
H Zhang, R Luo, W Li, J Wang, MF Maitz, J Wang, G Wan, Y Chen, H Sun, ...
Corrosion Science 94, 305-315, 2015
Ex vivo blood vessel bioreactor for analysis of the biodegradation of magnesium stent models with and without vessel wall integration
J Wang, L Liu, Y Wu, MF Maitz, Z Wang, Y Koo, A Zhao, J Sankar, D Kong, ...
Acta biomaterialia 50, 546-555, 2017
Improvement of corrosion resistance and biocompatibility of biodegradable metallic vascular stent via plasma allylamine polymerized coating
P Qi, Y Yang, S Zhao, J Wang, X Li, Q Tu, Z Yang, N Huang
Materials & Design 96, 341-349, 2016
Controlling the corrosion rate and behavior of biodegradable magnesium by a surface-immobilized ultrathin 1-hydroxyethylidene-1, 1-diphosphonic acid (HEDP) film
M Chen, Y Chen, W Zhang, S Zhao, J Wang, J Mao, W Li, Y Zhao, ...
RSC advances 6 (18), 15247-15259, 2016
In vitro and in vivo cytocompatibility evaluation of biodegradable magnesium-based stents: a review
P Li, N Zhou, H Qiu, MF Maitz, J Wang, N Huang
Science China Materials, 1-15, 2018
Fabrication of endothelial progenitor cell capture surface via DNA aptamer modifying dopamine/polyethyleneimine copolymer film
X Li, J Deng, S Yuan, J Wang, R Luo, S Chen, J Wang, N Huang
Applied Surface Science 386, 138-150, 2016
Multifunctional plasma-polymerized film: toward better anticorrosion property, enhanced cellular growth ability, and attenuated inflammatory and histological responses
P Qi, Y Yang, K Xiong, J Wang, Q Tu, Z Yang, J Wang, J Chen, N Huang
ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering 1 (7), 513-524, 2015
Gallic acid and gallic acid-loaded coating involved in selective regulation of platelet, endothelial and smooth muscle cell fate
Y He, J Wang, W Yan, N Huang
RSC Advances 4 (1), 212-221, 2014
Biocompatibility studies of poly (ethylene glycol)–modified titanium for cardiovascular devices
J Chen, J Wang, P Qi, X Li, B Ma, Z Chen, Q Li, Y Zhao, K Xiong, MF Maitz, ...
Journal of bioactive and compatible polymers 27 (6), 565-584, 2012
The biological responses to magnesium-based biodegradable medical devices
L Liu, J Wang, T Russell, J Sankar, Y Yun
Metals 7 (11), 514, 2017
Modular design of a tissue engineered pulsatile conduit using human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes
J Park, CW Anderson, LR Sewanan, MH Kural, Y Huang, J Luo, L Gui, ...
Acta biomaterialia 102, 220-230, 2020
A facile shape-selective growth of ZnO nanotips and graded nanowires from its oriented nanorods in a saturated ZnS solution
J Wang, H Luo, T Chen, Z Yuan
Nanotechnology 21 (50), 505603, 2010
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