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Li7La3Zr2O12 Interface Modification for Li Dendrite Prevention
CL Tsai, V Roddatis, CV Chandran, Q Ma, S Uhlenbruck, M Bram, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 8 (16), 10617-10626, 2016
Scandium-Substituted Na3Zr2(SiO4)2(PO4) Prepared by a Solution-Assisted Solid-State Reaction Method as Sodium-Ion Conductors
Q Ma, M Guin, S Naqash, CL Tsai, F Tietz, O Guillon
Chemistry of Materials 28 (13), 4821-4828, 2016
About the compatibility between high voltage spinel cathode materials and solid oxide electrolytes as a function of temperature
L Miara, A Windmüller, CL Tsai, WD Richards, Q Ma, S Uhlenbruck, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 8 (40), 26842-26850, 2016
A high-performance ammonia-fueled solid oxide fuel cell
Q Ma, R Peng, Y Lin, J Gao, G Meng
Journal of power sources 161 (1), 95-98, 2006
Preparation of cordierite-based porous ceramic micro-filtration membranes using waste fly ash as the main raw materials
Y Dong, X Liu, Q Ma, G Meng
Journal of membrane science 285 (1-2), 173-181, 2006
A high-performance ammonia-fueled SOFC based on a YSZ thin-film electrolyte
Q Ma, J Ma, S Zhou, R Yan, J Gao, G Meng
Journal of Power Sources 164 (1), 86-89, 2007
Separating bulk from grain boundary Li ion conductivity in the sol–gel prepared solid electrolyte Li 1.5 Al 0.5 Ti 1.5 (PO 4) 3
S Breuer, D Prutsch, Q Ma, V Epp, F Preishuber-Pflügl, F Tietz, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 3 (42), 21343-21350, 2015
Comparative study on the performance of a SDC-based SOFC fueled by ammonia and hydrogen
G Meng, C Jiang, J Ma, Q Ma, X Liu
Journal of Power Sources 173 (1), 189-193, 2007
Room temperature demonstration of a sodium superionic conductor with grain conductivity in excess of 0.01 S cm− 1 and its primary applications in symmetric battery cells
Q Ma, CL Tsai, XK Wei, M Heggen, F Tietz, JTS Irvine
Journal of materials chemistry A 7 (13), 7766-7776, 2019
Direct utilization of ammonia in intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cells
Q Ma, RR Peng, L Tian, G Meng
Electrochemistry communications 8 (11), 1791-1795, 2006
Ceramic membrane fuel cells based on solid proton electrolytes
G Meng, G Ma, Q Ma, R Peng, X Liu
Solid State Ionics 178 (7-10), 697-703, 2007
An ammonia fuelled SOFC with a BaCe0. 9Nd0. 1O3− δ thin electrolyte prepared with a suspension spray
K Xie, Q Ma, B Lin, Y Jiang, J Gao, X Liu, G Meng
Journal of Power Sources 170 (1), 38-41, 2007
A garnet structure-based all-solid-state Li battery without interface modification: resolving incompatibility issues on positive electrodes
CL Tsai, Q Ma, C Dellen, S Lobe, F Vondahlen, A Windmüller, D Grüner, ...
Sustainable energy & fuels 3 (1), 280-291, 2019
Na3Zr2 (SiO4) 2 (PO4) prepared by a solution-assisted solid state reaction
S Naqash, Q Ma, F Tietz, O Guillon
Solid State Ionics 302, 83-91, 2017
A Novel Sol–Gel Method for Large‐Scale Production of Nanopowders: Preparation of Li1.5Al0.5Ti1.5(PO4)3 as an Example
Q Ma, Q Xu, CL Tsai, F Tietz, O Guillon
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 99 (2), 410-414, 2016
Very fast bulk Li ion diffusivity in crystalline Li 1.5 Al 0.5 Ti 1.5 (PO 4) 3 as seen using NMR relaxometry
V Epp, Q Ma, EM Hammer, F Tietz, M Wilkening
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17 (48), 32115-32121, 2015
Modified strontium titanates: from defect chemistry to SOFC anodes
MC Verbraeken, T Ramos, K Agersted, Q Ma, CD Savaniu, BR Sudireddy, ...
RSC advances 5 (2), 1168-1180, 2015
Anode-supported planar SOFC with high performance and redox stability
Q Ma, F Tietz, A Leonide, E Ivers-Tiffée
Electrochemistry communications 12 (10), 1326-1328, 2010
Solid‐State Electrolyte Materials for Sodium Batteries–Towards Practical Applications
Q Ma, F Tietz
ChemElectroChem 7, 2693-2713, 2020
Y-substituted SrTiO3–YSZ composites as anode materials for solid oxide fuel cells: Interaction between SYT and YSZ
Q Ma, F Tietz, D Sebold, D Stöver
Journal of Power Sources 195 (7), 1920-1925, 2010
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