Justinas Palisaitis
Justinas Palisaitis
Assistant Professor, Linköping University
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Two-dimensional Mo 1.33 C MXene with divacancy ordering prepared from parent 3D laminate with in-plane chemical ordering
Q Tao, M Dahlqvist, J Lu, S Kota, R Meshkian, J Halim, J Palisaitis, ...
Nature communications 8 (1), 1-7, 2017
On the organization and thermal behavior of functional groups on Ti3C2 MXene surfaces in vacuum
I Persson, LÅ Näslund, J Halim, MW Barsoum, V Darakchieva, J Palisaitis, ...
2D Materials 5 (1), 015002, 2017
W‐Based Atomic Laminates and Their 2D Derivative W1.33C MXene with Vacancy Ordering
R Meshkian, M Dahlqvist, J Lu, B Wickman, J Halim, J Thörnberg, Q Tao, ...
Advanced Materials 30 (21), 1706409, 2018
Synthesis of Ti 3 AuC 2, Ti 3 Au 2 C 2 and Ti 3 IrC 2 by noble metal substitution reaction in Ti 3 SiC 2 for high-temperature-stable Ohmic contacts to SiC
H Fashandi, M Dahlqvist, J Lu, J Palisaitis, SI Simak, IA Abrikosov, ...
Nature materials 16 (8), 814-818, 2017
2D transition metal carbides (MXenes) for carbon capture
I Persson, J Halim, H Lind, TW Hansen, JB Wagner, LÅ Näslund, ...
Advanced Materials 31 (2), 1805472, 2019
Microstructure and dielectric properties of piezoelectric magnetron sputtered w-ScxAl1−xN thin films
A Zukauskaite, G Wingqvist, J Palisaitis, J Jensen, POÅ Persson, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 111 (9), 093527, 2012
Tailoring Structure, Composition, and Energy Storage Properties of MXenes from Selective Etching of In‐Plane, Chemically Ordered MAX Phases
I Persson, A El Ghazaly, Q Tao, J Halim, S Kota, V Darakchieva, ...
Small 14 (17), 1703676, 2018
Face-centered cubic (Al1− xCrx) 2O3
A Khatibi, J Palisaitis, C Höglund, A Eriksson, POÅ Persson, J Jensen, ...
Thin Solid Films 519 (8), 2426-2429, 2011
Synthesis of Two-Dimensional Nb1.33C (MXene) with Randomly Distributed Vacancies by Etching of the Quaternary Solid Solution (Nb2/3Sc1/3)2AlC MAX Phase
J Halim, J Palisaitis, J Lu, J Thörnberg, EJ Moon, M Precner, P Eklund, ...
ACS Applied Nano Materials 1 (6), 2455-2460, 2018
Trimming of aqueous chemically grown ZnO nanorods into ZnO nanotubes and their comparative optical properties
MQ Israr, JR Sadaf, LL Yang, O Nur, M Willander, J Palisaitis, ...
Applied Physics Letters 95 (7), 073114, 2009
Electronic-grade grown by reactive DC-magnetron sputter epitaxy using a liquid Ga target
M Junaid, CL Hsiao, J Palisaitis, J Jensen, POÅ Persson, L Hultman, ...
Applied Physics Letters 98 (14), 141915, 2011
Room-temperature mobility above 2200 cm2/V·s of two-dimensional electron gas in a sharp-interface AlGaN/GaN heterostructure
JT Chen, I Persson, D Nilsson, CW Hsu, J Palisaitis, U Forsberg, ...
Applied Physics Letters 106 (25), 251601, 2015
Hydrogen separation through tailored dual phase membranes with nominal composition BaCe 0.8 Eu 0.2 O 3-δ: Ce 0.8 Y 0.2 O 2-δ at intermediate temperatures
ME Ivanova, S Escolástico, M Balaguer, J Palisaitis, YJ Sohn, ...
Scientific reports 6 (1), 1-14, 2016
On the structural stability of MXene and the role of transition metal adatoms
J Palisaitis, I Persson, J Halim, J Rosen, POÅ Persson
Nanoscale 10 (23), 10850-10855, 2018
Influence of pulse frequency and bias on microstructure and mechanical properties of TiB2 coatings deposited by high power impulse magnetron sputtering
N Nedfors, A Mockute, J Palisaitis, POÅ Persson, LÅ Näslund, J Rosen
Surface and Coatings Technology 304, 203-210, 2016
Influence of Microstructure and Surface Activation of Dual‐Phase Membrane Ce0.8Gd0.2O2−δ–FeCo2O4 on Oxygen Permeation
M Ramasamy, S Baumann, J Palisaitis, F Schulze‐Küppers, M Balaguer, ...
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 99 (1), 349-355, 2016
Effect of strain on low-loss electron energy loss spectra of group-III nitrides
J Palisaitis, CL Hsiao, M Junaid, J Birch, L Hultman, POÅ Persson
Physical Review B 84 (24), 245301, 2011
InGaN quantum dot formation mechanism on hexagonal GaN/InGaN/GaN pyramids
A Lundskog, J Palisaitis, CW Hsu, M Eriksson, KF Karlsson, L Hultman, ...
Nanotechnology 23 (30), 305708, 2012
YxAl1―xN thin films
A Zukauskaite, C Tholander, J Palisaitis, POA Persson, V Darakchieva, ...
Journal of physics. D, Applied physics 45 (42), 2012
Ti n+ 1 C n MXenes with fully saturated and thermally stable Cl terminations
J Lu, I Persson, H Lind, J Palisaitis, M Li, Y Li, K Chen, J Zhou, S Du, ...
Nanoscale Advances 1 (9), 3680-3685, 2019
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