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Matthew Rushworth
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Probabilistic diffusion tractography with multiple fibre orientations: What can we gain?
TEJ Behrens, HJ Berg, S Jbabdi, MFS Rushworth, MW Woolrich
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Learning the value of information in an uncertain world
TEJ Behrens, MW Woolrich, ME Walton, MFS Rushworth
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MFS Rushworth, ME Walton, SW Kennerley, DM Bannerman
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MFS Rushworth, MAP Noonan, ED Boorman, ME Walton, TE Behrens
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TEJ Behrens, LT Hunt, MW Woolrich, MFS Rushworth
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Choice, uncertainty and value in prefrontal and cingulate cortex
MFS Rushworth, TEJ Behrens
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Connectivity-based parcellation of human cingulate cortex and its relation to functional specialization
M Beckmann, H Johansen-Berg, MFS Rushworth
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On the relationship between the “default mode network” and the “social brain”
RB Mars, FX Neubert, MAP Noonan, J Sallet, I Toni, MFS Rushworth
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H Johansen-Berg, TEJ Behrens, MD Robson, I Drobnjak, MFS Rushworth, ...
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Separate neural pathways process different decision costs
PH Rudebeck, ME Walton, AN Smyth, DM Bannerman, MFS Rushworth
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How green is the grass on the other side? Frontopolar cortex and the evidence in favor of alternative courses of action
ED Boorman, TEJ Behrens, MW Woolrich, MFS Rushworth
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Neural mechanisms of foraging
N Kolling, TEJ Behrens, RB Mars, MFS Rushworth
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Effort-based cost–benefit valuation and the human brain
PL Croxson, ME Walton, JX O'Reilly, TEJ Behrens, MFS Rushworth
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Semantic processing in the left inferior prefrontal cortex: a combined functional magnetic resonance imaging and transcranial magnetic stimulation study
JT Devlin, PM Matthews, MFS Rushworth
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Anatomical connectivity of the subgenual cingulate region targeted with deep brain stimulation for treatment-resistant depression
H Johansen-Berg, DA Gutman, TEJ Behrens, PM Matthews, ...
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Contrasting roles for cingulate and orbitofrontal cortex in decisions and social behaviour
MFS Rushworth, TEJ Behrens, PH Rudebeck, ME Walton
Trends in cognitive sciences 11 (4), 168-176, 2007
Role of the human medial frontal cortex in task switching: a combined fMRI and TMS study
MFS Rushworth, KA Hadland, T Paus, PK Sipila
Journal of neurophysiology 87 (5), 2577-2592, 2002
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