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Single‐Layered Ultrasmall Nanoplates of MoS2 Embedded in Carbon Nanofibers with Excellent Electrochemical Performance for Lithium and Sodium Storage
C Zhu, X Mu, PA van Aken, Y Yu, J Maier
Angewandte chemie 126 (8), 2184-2188, 2014
Encapsulation of Sn@ carbon nanoparticles in bamboo‐like hollow carbon nanofibers as an anode material in lithium‐based batteries
Y Yu, L Gu, C Wang, A Dhanabalan, PA Van Aken, J Maier
Angewandte Chemie 121 (35), 6607-6611, 2009
Reversible storage of lithium in silver‐coated three‐dimensional macroporous silicon
Y Yu, L Gu, C Zhu, S Tsukimoto, PA Van Aken, J Maier
Advanced materials 20 (22), 2247-2250, 2010
Nitrogen doped porous carbon fibres as anode materials for sodium ion batteries with excellent rate performance
L Fu, K Tang, K Song, PA van Aken, Y Yu, J Maier
Nanoscale 6 (3), 1384-1389, 2014
Carbon-Coated Na3V2(PO4)3 Embedded in Porous Carbon Matrix: An Ultrafast Na-Storage Cathode with the Potential of Outperforming Li Cathodes
C Zhu, K Song, PA Van Aken, J Maier, Y Yu
Nano letters 14 (4), 2175-2180, 2014
Tin nanoparticles encapsulated in porous multichannel carbon microtubes: preparation by single-nozzle electrospinning and application as anode material for high-performance Li …
Y Yu, L Gu, C Zhu, PA van Aken, J Maier
Journal of the American Chemical Society 131 (44), 15984-15985, 2009
Self-Supported Li4Ti5O12–C Nanotube Arrays as High-Rate and Long-Life Anode Materials for Flexible Li-Ion Batteries
J Liu, K Song, PA van Aken, J Maier, Y Yu
Nano letters 14 (5), 2597-2603, 2014
Uniform yolk–shell Sn 4 P 3@ C nanospheres as high-capacity and cycle-stable anode materials for sodium-ion batteries
J Liu, P Kopold, C Wu, PA van Aken, J Maier, Y Yu
Energy & Environmental Science 8 (12), 3531-3538, 2015
Dual‐functionalized double carbon shells coated silicon nanoparticles for high performance lithium‐ion batteries
S Chen, L Shen, PA van Aken, J Maier, Y Yu
Advanced Materials 29 (21), 1605650, 2017
Magnetization study of nanograined pure and Mn-doped ZnO films: Formation of a ferromagnetic grain-boundary foam
BB Straumal, AA Mazilkin, SG Protasova, AA Myatiev, PB Straumal, ...
Physical Review B 79 (20), 205206, 2009
Quantification of ferrous/ferric ratios in minerals: new evaluation schemes of Fe L 23 electron energy-loss near-edge spectra
PA van Aken, B Liebscher
Physics and Chemistry of Minerals 29, 188-200, 2002
Quantitative determination of iron oxidation states in minerals using Fe L 2,3 -edge electron energy-loss near-edge structure spectroscopy
PA Van Aken, B Liebscher, VJ Styrsa
Physics and Chemistry of Minerals 25, 323-327, 1998
Peapod‐like Li3VO4/N‐Doped Carbon Nanowires with Pseudocapacitive Properties as Advanced Materials for High‐Energy Lithium‐Ion Capacitors
L Shen, H Lv, S Chen, P Kopold, PA van Aken, X Wu, J Maier, Y Yu
Advanced Materials 29 (27), 1700142, 2017
Exfoliation of a non-van der Waals material from iron ore hematite
A Puthirath Balan, S Radhakrishnan, CF Woellner, SK Sinha, L Deng, ...
Nature nanotechnology 13 (7), 602-609, 2018
MOF‐Derived Hollow Co9S8 Nanoparticles Embedded in Graphitic Carbon Nanocages with Superior Li‐Ion Storage
J Liu, C Wu, D Xiao, P Kopold, L Gu, PA van Aken, J Maier, Y Yu
Small 12 (17), 2354-2364, 2016
Energy storage materials from nature through nanotechnology: a sustainable route from reed plants to a silicon anode for lithium‐ion batteries
J Liu, P Kopold, PA van Aken, J Maier, Y Yu
Angewandte Chemie 127 (33), 9768-9772, 2015
An interface clusters mixture model for the structure of amorphous silicon monoxide (SiO)
A Hohl, T Wieder, PA Van Aken, TE Weirich, G Denninger, M Vidal, ...
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 320 (1-3), 255-280, 2003
A germanium-carbon nanocomposite material for lithium batteries
G Cui, N Kaskhedikar, J Maier, L Gu, PA Aken, L Zhi, K Muellen
Advanced Materials (Weinheim) 20, 2008
Electrospun Na 3 V 2 (PO 4) 3/C nanofibers as stable cathode materials for sodium-ion batteries
J Liu, K Tang, K Song, PA van Aken, Y Yu, J Maier
Nanoscale 6 (10), 5081-5086, 2014
Facile Solid‐State Growth of 3D Well‐Interconnected Nitrogen‐Rich Carbon Nanotube–Graphene Hybrid Architectures for Lithium–Sulfur Batteries
YL Ding, P Kopold, K Hahn, PA van Aken, J Maier, Y Yu
Advanced Functional Materials 26 (7), 1112-1119, 2016
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