Johannes Hunger
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Conductivities of binary mixtures of ionic liquids with polar solvents
A Stoppa, J Hunger, R Buchner
Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data 54 (2), 472-479, 2009
Dynamics of imidazolium ionic liquids from a combined dielectric relaxation and optical Kerr effect study: evidence for mesoscopic aggregation
DA Turton, J Hunger, A Stoppa, G Hefter, A Thoman, M Walther, ...
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Temperature dependence of the dielectric properties and dynamics of ionic liquids
J Hunger, A Stoppa, S Schrödle, G Hefter, R Buchner
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Liquid flow along a solid surface reversibly alters interfacial chemistry
D Lis, EHG Backus, J Hunger, SH Parekh, M Bonn
Science 344 (6188), 1138-1142, 2014
The Bending Mode of Water: A Powerful Probe for Hydrogen Bond Structure of Aqueous Systems
T Seki, KY Chiang, CC Yu, X Yu, M Okuno, J Hunger, Y Nagata, M Bonn
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 11 (19), 8459-8469, 2020
Interactions and dynamics in ionic liquids
A Stoppa, J Hunger, R Buchner, G Hefter, A Thoman, H Helm
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Complex formation in aqueous trimethylamine-N-oxide (TMAO) solutions
J Hunger, KJ Tielrooij, R Buchner, M Bonn, HJ Bakker
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 116 (16), 4783-4795, 2012
Strong frequency dependence of vibrational relaxation in bulk and surface water reveals sub-picosecond structural heterogeneity
ST Van Der Post, CS Hsieh, M Okuno, Y Nagata, HJ Bakker, M Bonn, ...
Nature communications 6 (1), 8384, 2015
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Influence of concentration and temperature on the dynamics of water in the hydrophobic hydration shell of tetramethylurea
KJ Tielrooij, J Hunger, R Buchner, M Bonn, HJ Bakker
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Why are ionic liquid ions mainly associated in water? A Car–Parrinello study of 1-ethyl-3-methyl-imidazolium chloride water mixture
C Spickermann, J Thar, SBC Lehmann, S Zahn, J Hunger, R Buchner, ...
The Journal of chemical physics 129 (10), 2008
Anisotropic water reorientation around ions
KJ Tielrooij, ST Van Der Post, J Hunger, M Bonn, HJ Bakker
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Aqueous Heterogeneity at the Air/Water Interface Revealed by 2D‐HD‐SFG Spectroscopy
CS Hsieh, M Okuno, J Hunger, EHG Backus, Y Nagata, M Bonn
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 53 (31), 8146-8149, 2014
Diffusion in ionic liquids: the interplay between molecular structure and dynamics
JR Sangoro, C Iacob, S Naumov, R Valiullin, H Rexhausen, J Hunger, ...
Soft Matter 7 (5), 1678-1681, 2011
Glasslike behavior in aqueous electrolyte solutions
DA Turton, J Hunger, G Hefter, R Buchner, K Wynne
The Journal of Chemical Physics 128 (16), 2008
From ionic liquid to electrolyte solution: dynamics of 1-N-butyl-3-N-methylimidazolium tetrafluoroborate/dichloromethane mixtures
J Hunger, A Stoppa, R Buchner, G Hefter
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 112 (41), 12913-12919, 2008
Association of ionic liquids in solution: a combined dielectric and conductivity study of [bmim][Cl] in water and in acetonitrile
M Bešter-Rogač, A Stoppa, J Hunger, G Hefter, R Buchner
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On the collective network of ionic liquid/water mixtures. II. Decomposition and interpretation of dielectric spectra
C Schröder, J Hunger, A Stoppa, R Buchner, O Steinhauser
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On the origin of the extremely different solubilities of polyethers in water
B Ensing, A Tiwari, M Tros, J Hunger, SR Domingos, C Pérez, G Smits, ...
Nature Communications 10 (1), 2893, 2019
Saturation of charge-induced water alignment at model membrane surfaces
LB Dreier, Y Nagata, H Lutz, G Gonella, J Hunger, EHG Backus, M Bonn
Science Advances 4 (3), eaap7415, 2018
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