Alasdair Kenneth Mackenzie
Alasdair Kenneth Mackenzie
Post doctoral reseearcher
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Cleavage of cellulose by a CBM33 protein
Z Forsberg, G Vaaje‐Kolstad, B Westereng, AC Bunæs, Y Stenstrøm, ...
Protein Science 20 (9), 1479-1483, 2011
Structural and functional characterization of a conserved pair of bacterial cellulose-oxidizing lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases
Z Forsberg, AK Mackenzie, M Sørlie, ÅK Røhr, R Helland, AS Arvai, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (23), 8446-8451, 2014
Metagenomics of the Svalbard reindeer rumen microbiome reveals abundance of polysaccharide utilization loci
PB Pope, AK Mackenzie, I Gregor, W Smith, MA Sundset, AC McHardy, ...
PloS one 7 (6), e38571, 2012
Do rumen Bacteroidetes utilize an alternative mechanism for cellulose degradation?
AE Naas, AK Mackenzie, J Mravec, J Schückel, WGT Willats, VGH Eijsink, ...
MBio 5 (4), 2014
Molecular basis of cholera blood-group dependence and implications for a world characterized by climate change
Å Holmner, A Mackenzie, U Krengel
FEBS letters 584 (12), 2548-2555, 2010
A polysaccharide utilization locus from an uncultured bacteroidetes phylotype suggests ecological adaptation and substrate versatility
AK Mackenzie, AE Naas, SK Kracun, J Schückel, JU Fangel, JW Agger, ...
Applied and environmental microbiology 81 (1), 187-195, 2015
Further evidence for feedback regulation of gibberellin biosynthesis in pea
JJ Ross, AK MacKenzie‐Hose, PJ Davies, DR Lester, B Twitchin, JB Reid
Physiologia Plantarum 105 (3), 532-538, 1999
Two SusD-like proteins encoded within a polysaccharide utilization locus of an uncultured ruminant Bacteroidetes phylotype bind strongly to cellulose
AK Mackenzie, PB Pope, HL Pedersen, R Gupta, M Morrison, WGT Willats, ...
Applied and environmental microbiology 78 (16), 5935-5937, 2012
Structure and mutational analysis of a plant mitochondrial nucleoside diphosphate kinase. Identification of residues involved in serine phosphorylation and oligomerization
M Johansson, A MacKenzie-Hose, I Andersson, C Knorpp
Plant physiology 136 (2), 3034-3042, 2004
Clavulanic Acid Dehydrogenase:  Structural and Biochemical Analysis of the Final Step in the Biosynthesis of the β-Lactamase Inhibitor Clavulanic Acid,
AK MacKenzie, NJ Kershaw, H Hernandez, CV Robinson, CJ Schofield, ...
Biochemistry 46 (6), 1523-1533, 2007
Both El Tor and classical cholera toxin bind blood group determinants
JE Heggelund, E Haugen, B Lygren, A Mackenzie, Å Holmner, F Vasile, ...
Biochemical and biophysical research communications 418 (4), 731-735, 2012
Comprehensive analysis of blood group antigen binding to classical and El Tor cholera toxin B-pentamers by NMR
F Vasile, JJ Reina, D Potenza, JE Heggelund, A Mackenzie, U Krengel, ...
Glycobiology 24 (8), 766-778, 2014
The activities of nucleoside diphosphate kinase and adenylate kinase are influenced by their interaction
M Johansson, J Hammargren, E Uppsäll, A MacKenzie, C Knorpp
Plant science 174 (2), 192-199, 2008
Conformational flexibility of the C terminus with implications for substrate binding and catalysis revealed in a new crystal form of deacetoxycephalosporin C synthase
LM Öster, ACT van Scheltinga, K Valegård, AMK Hose, A Dubus, J Hajdu, ...
Journal of molecular biology 343 (1), 157-171, 2004
The influence of the null le-2 mutation on gibberellin levels in developing pea seeds
DR Lester, AK MacKenzie-Hose, PJ Davies, JJ Ross, JB Reid
Plant growth regulation 27 (2), 83-89, 1999
Display of a β-mannanase and a chitosanase on the cell surface of Lactobacillus plantarum towards the development of whole-cell biocatalysts
HM Nguyen, G Mathiesen, EM Stelzer, ML Pham, K Kuczkowska, ...
Microbial cell factories 15 (1), 1-14, 2016
Expression of gibberellin mutations in fruits of Pisum sativum L.
AK MacKenzie-Hose, JJ Ross, NW Davies, SM Swain
Planta 204 (3), 397-403, 1998
Crystal structures exploring the origins of the broader specificity of Escherichia coli heat-labile enterotoxin compared to cholera toxin
Å Holmner, A Mackenzie, M Ökvist, L Jansson, M Lebens, S Teneberg, ...
Journal of molecular biology 406 (3), 387-402, 2011
Structural features of a Bacteroidetes-affiliated cellulase linked with a polysaccharide utilization locus
AE Naas, AK MacKenzie, B Dalhus, VGH Eijsink, PB Pope
Scientific reports 5, 11666, 2015
Crystal structures of an oligopeptide-binding protein from the biosynthetic pathway of the β-lactamase inhibitor clavulanic acid
AK Mackenzie, K Valegård, A Iqbal, MEC Caines, NJ Kershaw, ...
Journal of molecular biology 396 (2), 332-344, 2010
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