Florian Leese
Florian Leese
University of Duisburg-Essen, Aquatic Ecosystem Research
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Pan genome of the phytoplankton Emiliania underpins its global distribution
BA Read, J Kegel, MJ Klute, A Kuo, SC Lefebvre, F Maumus, C Mayer, ...
Nature 499 (7457), 209, 2013
Can DNA-based ecosystem assessments quantify species abundance? Testing primer bias and biomass—sequence relationships with an innovative metabarcoding protocol
V Elbrecht, F Leese
PloS one 10 (7), e0130324, 2015
Evolutionary genomics of the cold-adapted diatom Fragilariopsis cylindrus
T Mock, RP Otillar, J Strauss, M McMullan, P Paajanen, J Schmutz, ...
Nature 541 (7638), 536, 2017
Cryptic mitochondrial lineages in the widespread pycnogonid Colossendeis megalonyx Hoek, 1881 from Antarctic and Subantarctic waters
K Krabbe, F Leese, C Mayer, R Tollrian, C Held
Polar Biology 33 (3), 281-292, 2010
Long-distance island hopping without dispersal stages: transportation across major zoogeographic barriers in a Southern Ocean isopod
F Leese, S Agrawal, C Held
Naturwissenschaften 97 (6), 583-594, 2010
Patterns, processes and vulnerability of Southern Ocean benthos: a decadal leap in knowledge and understanding
S Kaiser, SN Brandão, S Brix, DKA Barnes, DA Bowden, J Ingels, F Leese, ...
Marine biology 160 (9), 2295-2317, 2013
Genetic homogeneity and circum-Antarctic distribution of two benthic shrimp species of the Southern Ocean, Chorismus antarcticus and Nematocarcinus lanceopes
MJ Raupach, S Thatje, J Dambach, P Rehm, B Misof, F Leese
Marine Biology 157 (8), 1783-1797, 2010
Genome-wide analysis of tandem repeats in Daphnia pulex-a comparative approach
C Mayer, F Leese, R Tollrian
BMC genomics 11 (1), 277, 2010
Molecular evidence for further overlooked species within the Gammarus fossarum complex (Crustacea: Amphipoda)
M Weiss, JN Macher, MA Seefeldt, F Leese
Hydrobiologia 721 (1), 165-184, 2014
Assessing strengths and weaknesses of DNA metabarcoding‐based macroinvertebrate identification for routine stream monitoring
V Elbrecht, EE Vamos, K Meissner, J Aroviita, F Leese
Methods in Ecology and Evolution 8 (10), 1265-1275, 2017
Predator-induced defences in Daphnia pulex: Selection and evaluation of internal reference genes for gene expression studies with real-time PCR
KI Spanier, F Leese, C Mayer, JK Colbourne, D Gilbert, ME Pfrender, ...
BMC Molecular Biology 11 (1), 50, 2010
Validation and development of COI metabarcoding primers for freshwater macroinvertebrate bioassessment
V Elbrecht, F Leese
Frontiers in Environmental Science 5, 11, 2017
Cryptic speciation in a benthic isopod from Patagonian and Falkland Island waters and the impact of glaciations on its population structure
F Leese, A Kop, JW Wägele, C Held
Frontiers in zoology 5 (1), 19, 2008
DNAqua-Net: Developing new genetic tools for bioassessment and monitoring of aquatic ecosystems in Europe
F Leese, F Altermatt, A Bouchez, T Ekrem, D Hering, K Meissner, ...
Research Ideas and Outcomes 2, e11321, 2016
Ecological genomics: steps towards unraveling the genetic basis of inducible defenses in Daphnia
R Tollrian, F Leese
BMC biology 8 (1), 51, 2010
Testing the potential of a ribosomal 16S marker for DNA metabarcoding of insects
V Elbrecht, P Taberlet, T Dejean, A Valentini, P Usseglio-Polatera, ...
PeerJ 4, e1966, 2016
Detection and removal of PCR duplicates in population genomic ddRAD studies by addition of a degenerate base region (DBR) in sequencing adapters
H Schweyen, A Rozenberg, F Leese
The Biological Bulletin 227 (2), 146-160, 2014
Integrating molecular tools into freshwater ecology: developments and opportunities
SU Pauls, M Alp, M Bálint, P Bernabò, F Čiampor Jr, ...
Freshwater Biology 59 (8), 1559-1576, 2014
The utility of fast evolving molecular markers for studying speciation in the Antarctic benthos
C Held, F Leese
Polar Biology 30 (4), 513-521, 2007
Multiple‐stressor effects on stream invertebrates: a mesocosm experiment manipulating nutrients, fine sediment and flow velocity
V Elbrecht, AJ Beermann, G Goessler, J Neumann, R Tollrian, R Wagner, ...
Freshwater biology 61 (4), 362-375, 2016
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