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A virus-based single-enzyme nanoreactor
M Comellas-Aragonès, H Engelkamp, VI Claessen, NAJM Sommerdijk, ...
Nature nanotechnology 2 (10), 635-639, 2007
Vesicles and polymerized vesicles from thiophene‐containing rod–coil block copolymers
DM Vriezema, J Hoogboom, K Velonia, K Takazawa, PCM Christianen, ...
Angewandte chemie 115 (7), 796-800, 2003
Macroscopic hierarchical surface patterning of porphyrin trimers via self-assembly and dewetting
R Van Hameren, P Schön, AM Van Buul, J Hoogboom, SV Lazarenko, ...
Science 314 (5804), 1433-1436, 2006
Ground-based facilities for simulation of microgravity: organism-specific recommendations for their use, and recommended terminology
R Herranz, R Anken, J Boonstra, M Braun, PCM Christianen, M de Geest, ...
Astrobiology 13 (1), 1-17, 2013
Photochemical surface patterning by the thiol‐ene reaction
P Jonkheijm, D Weinrich, M Köhn, H Engelkamp, PCM Christianen, ...
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Oscillatory persistent currents in self-assembled quantum rings
N Kleemans, IMA Bominaar-Silkens, VM Fomin, VN Gladilin, D Granados, ...
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High anisotropy of the field-effect transistor mobility in magnetically aligned discotic liquid-crystalline semiconductors
IO Shklyarevskiy, P Jonkheijm, N Stutzmann, D Wasserberg, ...
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Trion fine structure and coupled spin–valley dynamics in monolayer tungsten disulfide
G Plechinger, P Nagler, A Arora, R Schmidt, A Chernikov, AG Del Águila, ...
Nature communications 7 (1), 1-9, 2016
Selection of supramolecular chirality by application of rotational and magnetic forces
N Micali, H Engelkamp, PG Van Rhee, PCM Christianen, LM Scolaro, ...
Nature Chemistry 4 (3), 201-207, 2012
Complete chiral symmetry breaking of an amino acid derivative directed by circularly polarized light
WL Noorduin, AAC Bode, M Van Der Meijden, H Meekes, AF Van Etteger, ...
Nature chemistry 1 (9), 729-732, 2009
Manipulation of micro-and nanostructure motion with magnetic fields
RSM Rikken, RJM Nolte, JC Maan, JCM van Hest, DA Wilson, ...
Soft matter 10 (9), 1295-1308, 2014
Rheological signature of frictional interactions in shear thickening suspensions
JR Royer, DL Blair, SD Hudson
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Combined exciton-cyclotron resonance in quantum well structures
DR Yakovlev, VP Kochereshko, RA Suris, H Schenk, W Ossau, A Waag, ...
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Direct Visualization of Efficient Energy Transfer in Single Oligo(p‐phenylene vinylene) Vesicles
FJM Hoeben, IO Shklyarevskiy, MJ Pouderoijen, H Engelkamp, ...
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A virus-based biocatalyst
N Carette, H Engelkamp, E Akpa, SJ Pierre, NR Cameron, ...
Nature nanotechnology 2 (4), 226-229, 2007
Oligo(p-phenylenevinylene)−Peptide Conjugates: Synthesis and Self-Assembly in Solution and at the Solid−Liquid Interface
R Matmour, I De Cat, SJ George, W Adriaens, P Leclere, PHH Bomans, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 130 (44), 14576-14583, 2008
Magnetic deformation of self-assembled sexithiophene spherical nanocapsules
IO Shklyarevskiy, P Jonkheijm, PCM Christianen, APHJ Schenning, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 127 (4), 1112-1113, 2005
Dilution‐induced self‐assembly of porphyrin aggregates: a consequence of coupled equilibria
F Helmich, CC Lee, MML Nieuwenhuizen, JC Gielen, PCM Christianen, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 49 (23), 3939-3942, 2010
Influence of bismuth incorporation on the valence and conduction band edges of
G Pettinari, A Polimeni, M Capizzi, JH Blokland, PCM Christianen, ...
Applied Physics Letters 92 (26), 262105, 2008
Shaping polymersomes into predictable morphologies via out-of-equilibrium self-assembly
RSM Rikken, H Engelkamp, RJM Nolte, JC Maan, JCM Van Hest, ...
Nature communications 7 (1), 1-7, 2016
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