Jill Pecon Slattery
Jill Pecon Slattery
Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute
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A molecular phylogeny of living primates
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Novel gene conversion between XY homologues located in the nonrecombining region of the Y chromosome in Felidae (Mammalia)
J Pecon Slattery, L Sanner-Wachter, SJ O'Brien
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Molecular phylogeny of mitochondrial cytochrome b and 12S rRNA sequences in the Felidae: ocelot and domestic cat lineages
R Masuda, JV Lopez, JP Slattery, N Yuhki, SJ O'Brien
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Patterns of feline immunodeficiency virus multiple infection and genome divergence in a free-ranging population of African lions
JL Troyer, J Pecon-Slattery, ME Roelke, L Black, C Packer, SJ O'Brien
Journal of virology 78 (7), 3777-3791, 2004
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