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Elodie Briefer
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Vocal expression of emotions in mammals: mechanisms of production and evidence
EF Briefer
Journal of Zoology 288 (1), 1-20, 2012
Emotions in goats: mapping physiological, behavioural and vocal profiles
EF Briefer, F Tettamanti, AG McElligott
Animal Behaviour 99, 131-143, 2015
Are bird song complexity and song sharing shaped by habitat structure? An information theory and statistical approach
E Briefer, TS Osiejuk, F Rybak, T Aubin
Journal of Theoretical Biology 262 (1), 151-164, 2010
How to identify dear enemies: the group signature in the complex song of the skylark Alauda arvensis
E Briefer, T Aubin, K Lehongre, F Rybak
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When to be a dear enemy: flexible acoustic relationships of neighbouring skylarks, Alauda arvensis
E Briefer, F Rybak, T Aubin
Animal Behaviour 76 (4), 1319-1325, 2008
Rescued goats at a sanctuary display positive mood after former neglect
EF Briefer, AG McElligott
Applied Animal Behaviour Science 146 (1-4), 45-55, 2013
Social effects on vocal ontogeny in an ungulate, the goat, Capra hircus
EF Briefer, AG McElligott
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Segregation of information about emotional arousal and valence in horse whinnies
EF Briefer, AL Maigrot, R Mandel, SB Freymond, I Bachmann, E Hillmann
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Mutual mother–offspring vocal recognition in an ungulate hider species (Capra hircus)
E Briefer, AG McElligott
Animal cognition 14 (4), 585-598, 2011
Quality prevails over identity in the sexually selected vocalisations of an ageing mammal
E Briefer, E Vannoni, AG McElligott
BMC biology 8 (1), 35, 2010
Indicators of age, body size and sex in goat kid calls revealed using the source–filter theory
E Briefer, AG McElligott
Applied Animal Behaviour Science 133 (3-4), 175-185, 2011
Behaviour of horses in a judgment bias test associated with positive or negative reinforcement
SB Freymond, EF Briefer, A Zollinger, Y Gindrat-von Allmen, C Wyss, ...
Applied Animal Behaviour Science 158, 34-45, 2014
Mother goats do not forget their kids’ calls
EF Briefer, M Padilla de la Torre, AG McElligott
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 279 (1743), 3749-3755, 2012
Acoustic analysis of cattle (Bos taurus) mother–offspring contact calls from a source–filter theory perspective
MP de la Torre, EF Briefer, T Reader, AG McElligott
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Goats excel at learning and remembering a highly novel cognitive task
EF Briefer, S Haque, L Baciadonna, AG McElligott
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Goats favour personal over social information in an experimental foraging task
L Baciadonna, AG McElligott, EF Briefer
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Response to displaced neighbours in a territorial songbird with a large repertoire
E Briefer, T Aubin, F Rybak
Naturwissenschaften 96 (9), 1067-1077, 2009
Vocal contagion of emotions in non-human animals
EF Briefer
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 285 (1873), 20172783, 2018
Perception of emotional valence in horse whinnies
EF Briefer, R Mandel, AL Maigrot, SB Freymond, I Bachmann, E Hillmann
Frontiers in zoology 14 (1), 8, 2017
The physiological consequences of crib-biting in horses in response to an ACTH challenge test
SB Freymond, D Bardou, EF Briefer, R Bruckmaier, N Fouché, J Fleury, ...
Physiology & behavior 151, 121-128, 2015
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