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Articles edited by Christian Kuttner
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Chiral molecular imprinting-based SERS detection strategy for absolute enantiomeric discrimination
M Arabi, A Ostovan, Y Wang, R Mei, L Fu, J Li, X Wang, L Chen
Nature Communications 13 (1), 5757, 2022
Interplay of defect levels and rare earth emission centers in multimode luminescent phosphors
X Zhou, L Ning, J Qiao, Y Zhao, P Xiong, Z Xia
Nature Communications 13 (1), 7589, 2022
Supramolecular glasses with color-tunable circularly polarized afterglow through evaporation-induced self-assembly of chiral metal–organic complexes
F Nie, KZ Wang, D Yan
Nature Communications 14 (1), 1654, 2023
Adenine oligomer directed synthesis of chiral gold nanoparticles
NH Cho, YB Kim, YY Lee, SW Im, RM Kim, JW Kim, SD Namgung, HE Lee, ...
Nature Communications 13 (1), 3831, 2022
Leveraging molecular structure and bioactivity with chemical language models for de novo drug design
M Moret, I Pachon Angona, L Cotos, S Yan, K Atz, C Brunner, ...
Nature Communications 14 (1), 114, 2023
Direct in situ photolithography of perovskite quantum dots based on photocatalysis of lead bromide complexes
P Zhang, G Yang, F Li, J Shi, H Zhong
Nature Communications 13 (1), 6713, 2022
Manipulation of time-dependent multicolour evolution of X-ray excited afterglow in lanthanide-doped fluoride nanoparticles
L Lei, Y Wang, W Xu, R Ye, Y Hua, D Deng, L Chen, PN Prasad, S Xu
Nature Communications 13 (1), 5739, 2022
Lossless enrichment of trace analytes in levitating droplets for multiphase and multiplex detection
X Chen, Q Ding, C Bi, J Ruan, S Yang
Nature communications 13 (1), 7807, 2022
Biomimetic non-classical crystallization drives hierarchical structuring of efficient circularly polarized phosphors
LZ Feng, JJ Wang, T Ma, YC Yin, KH Song, ZD Li, MM Zhou, S Jin, ...
Nature Communications 13 (1), 3339, 2022
Surface passivation of intensely luminescent all-inorganic nanocrystals and their direct optical patterning
P Xiao, Z Zhang, J Ge, Y Deng, X Chen, JR Zhang, Z Deng, Y Kambe, ...
Nature Communications 14 (1), 49, 2023
Plasmonic high-entropy carbides
A Calzolari, C Oses, C Toher, M Esters, X Campilongo, SP Stepanoff, ...
Nature communications 13 (1), 5993, 2022
Direct strain correlations at the single-atom level in three-dimensional core-shell interface structures
H Jo, DH Wi, T Lee, Y Kwon, C Jeong, J Lee, H Baik, AJ Pattison, W Theis, ...
Nature communications 13 (1), 5957, 2022
Remodeling nanodroplets into hierarchical mesoporous silica nanoreactors with multiple chambers
Y Ma, H Zhang, R Lin, Y Ai, K Lan, L Duan, W Chen, X Duan, B Ma, ...
Nature Communications 13 (1), 6136, 2022
Chiral nanocrystals grown from MoS2 nanosheets enable photothermally modulated enantioselective release of antimicrobial drugs
BL Li, JJ Luo, HL Zou, QM Zhang, LB Zhao, H Qian, HQ Luo, DT Leong, ...
Nature Communications 13 (1), 7289, 2022
Three-dimensional nanoframes with dual rims as nanoprobes for biosensing
H Hilal, Q Zhao, J Kim, S Lee, MN Haddadnezhad, S Yoo, S Lee, W Park, ...
Nature Communications 13 (1), 4813, 2022
Suppression of kernel vibrations by layer-by-layer ligand engineering boosts photoluminescence efficiency of gold nanoclusters
Y Zhong, J Zhang, T Li, W Xu, Q Yao, M Lu, X Bai, Z Wu, J Xie, Y Zhang
Nature Communications 14 (1), 658, 2023
Electrically responsive photonic crystals with bistable states for low-power electrophoretic color displays
Q Fu, W Yu, G Bao, J Ge
Nature Communications 13 (1), 7007, 2022
Precise atom manipulation through deep reinforcement learning
IJ Chen, M Aapro, A Kipnis, A Ilin, P Liljeroth, AS Foster
Nature Communications 13 (1), 7499, 2022
Arginine-modified black phosphorus quantum dots with dual excited states for enhanced electrochemiluminescence in bioanalysis
S Yu, Y Du, X Niu, G Li, D Zhu, Q Yu, G Zou, H Ju
Nature Communications 13 (1), 7302, 2022
Double-crowned 2D semiconductor nanoplatelets with bicolor power-tunable emission
C Dabard, V Guilloux, C Gréboval, H Po, L Makke, N Fu, XZ Xu, MG Silly, ...
Nature Communications 13 (1), 5094, 2022
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