Sigurd Angenent
Sigurd Angenent
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
The zero set of a solution of a parabolic equation.
S Angenent
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Membrane tension maintains cell polarity by confining signals to the leading edge during neutrophil migration
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Multiphase thermomechanics with interfacial structure 2. Evolution of an isothermal interface
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One-parameter semigroups
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Conformal surface parameterization for texture mapping
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S Angenent
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S Angenent
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On the spontaneous emergence of cell polarity
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S Angenent
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Shrinking doughnuts
SB Angenent
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Nonlinear analytic semiflows
SB Angenent
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Minimizing flows for the Monge--Kantorovich problem
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The Morse-Smale property for a semi-linear parabolic equation
SB Angenent
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Mean curvature flow through singularities for surfaces of rotation
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Mathematical methods in medical image processing
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Stable transition layers in a semilinear boundary value problem
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Finsler active contours
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