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Estimation of heat capacities of solid mixed oxides
J Leitner, P Chuchvalec, D Sedmidubský, A Strejc, P Abrman
Thermochimica acta 395 (1-2), 27-46, 2002
Application of Neumann–Kopp rule for the estimation of heat capacity of mixed oxides
J Leitner, P Voňka, D Sedmidubský, P Svoboda
Thermochimica Acta 497 (1-2), 7-13, 2010
The thermodynamic properties of the f-elements and their compounds. Part 2. The lanthanide and actinide oxides
RJM Konings, O Beneš, A Kovács, D Manara, D Sedmidubský, ...
Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data 43 (1), 2014
3R phase of MoS 2 and WS 2 outperforms the corresponding 2H phase for hydrogen evolution
RJ Toh, Z Sofer, J Luxa, D Sedmidubský, M Pumera
Chemical Communications 53 (21), 3054-3057, 2017
Layered metal thiophosphite materials: magnetic, electrochemical, and electronic properties
CC Mayorga-Martinez, Z Sofer, D Sedmidubsky, S Huber, AYS Eng, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 9 (14), 12563-12573, 2017
The covalent functionalization of layered black phosphorus by nucleophilic reagents
Z Sofer, J Luxa, D Bouša, D Sedmidubský, P Lazar, T Hartman, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 56 (33), 9891-9896, 2017
Synthesis and applications of graphene oxide
A Jiříčková, O Jankovský, Z Sofer, D Sedmidubský
Materials 15 (3), 920, 2022
Tuning of fluorine content in graphene: towards large-scale production of stoichiometric fluorographene
V Mazánek, O Jankovský, J Luxa, D Sedmidubský, Z Janoušek, ...
Nanoscale 7 (32), 13646-13655, 2015
Layered Black Phosphorus: Strongly Anisotropic Magnetic, Electronic, and Electron‐Transfer Properties
Z Sofer, D Sedmidubský, Š Huber, J Luxa, D Bouša, C Boothroyd, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 55 (10), 3382-3386, 2016
Pristine Basal‐ and Edge‐Plane‐Oriented Molybdenite MoS2 Exhibiting Highly Anisotropic Properties
SM Tan, A Ambrosi, Z Sofer, Š Huber, D Sedmidubský, M Pumera
Chemistry–A European Journal 21 (19), 7170-7178, 2015
Ultrapure graphene is a poor electrocatalyst: definitive proof of the key role of metallic impurities in graphene-based electrocatalysis
V Mazánek, J Luxa, S Matějková, J Kučera, D Sedmidubský, ...
ACS nano 13 (2), 1574-1582, 2019
Phase equilibria in Ca–Co–O system
D Sedmidubský, V Jakeš, O Jankovský, J Leitner, Z Sofer, J Hejtmánek
Journal of Solid State Chemistry 194, 199-205, 2012
Towards graphene bromide: bromination of graphite oxide
O Jankovský, P Šimek, K Klimova, D Sedmidubský, S Matějková, ...
Nanoscale 6 (11), 6065-6074, 2014
Synthesis procedure and type of graphite oxide strongly influence resulting graphene properties
O Jankovský, P Marvan, M Nováček, J Luxa, V Mazanek, K Klímová, ...
Applied Materials Today 4, 45-53, 2016
Solution‐processed GaSe nanoflake‐based films for photoelectrochemical water splitting and photoelectrochemical‐type photodetectors
MI Zappia, G Bianca, S Bellani, M Serri, L Najafi, R Oropesa‐Nuñez, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 30 (10), 1909572, 2020
Tuning of graphene oxide composition by multiple oxidations for carbon dioxide storage and capture of toxic metals
M Nováček, O Jankovský, J Luxa, D Sedmidubský, M Pumera, V Fila, ...
Journal of materials chemistry A 5 (6), 2739-2748, 2017
The role of the metal element in layered metal phosphorus triselenides upon their electrochemical sensing and energy applications
R Gusmão, Z Sofer, D Sedmidubsky, S Huber, M Pumera
ACS Catalysis 7 (12), 8159-8170, 2017
Electrochemistry of layered GaSe and GeS: applications to ORR, OER and HER
SM Tan, CK Chua, D Sedmidubský, Z Sofer, M Pumera
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18 (3), 1699-1711, 2016
Precise Tuning of the Charge Transfer Kinetics and Catalytic Properties of MoS2 Materials via Electrochemical Methods
X Chia, A Ambrosi, D Sedmidubský, Z Sofer, M Pumera
Chemistry–A European Journal 20 (52), 17426-17432, 2014
Direct observation of magnon-phonon strong coupling in two-dimensional antiferromagnet at high magnetic fields
S Liu, A Granados del Águila, D Bhowmick, CK Gan, T Thu Ha Do, ...
Physical Review Letters 127 (9), 097401, 2021
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