Karsten Rebner
Karsten Rebner
Professor für Photonik und Prozessanalytik
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Hyperspectral imaging: a review of best practice, performance and pitfalls for in-line and on-line applications
B Boldrini, W Kessler, K Rebner, RW Kessler
Journal of near infrared spectroscopy 20 (5), 483-508, 2012
Peroxo compounds, inorganic
B Bertsch-Frank, D Engel, P Kleinschmit, T Lehmann, P Panster, ...
Ullmann’s encyclopedia of industrial chemistry 5, 182, 1991
Process analytical techniques for hot-melt extrusion and their application to amorphous solid dispersions
P Hitzer, T Bäuerle, T Drieschner, E Ostertag, K Paulsen, H van Lishaut, ...
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 409, 4321-4333, 2017
A novel LED‐based 2D‐fluorescence spectroscopy system for in‐line monitoring of Chinese hamster ovary cell cultivations–Part I
A Graf, J Claßen, D Solle, B Hitzmann, K Rebner, M Hoehse
Engineering in life sciences 19 (5), 352-362, 2019
Oxygen plasma surface treatment of polymer films—Pellethane 55DE and EPR-g-VTMS
I Mrsic, T Baeuerle, S Ulitzsch, G Lorenz, K Rebner, A Kandelbauer, ...
Applied Surface Science 536, 147782, 2021
Penetration of light into multiple scattering media: model calculations and reflectance experiments. Part I: the axial transfer
D Oelkrug, M Brun, K Rebner, B Boldrini, R Kessler
Applied Spectroscopy 66 (8), 934-943, 2012
Dark-field scattering microscopy for spectral characterization of polystyrene aggregates
K Rebner, M Schmitz, B Boldrini, A Kienle, D Oelkrug, RW Kessler
Optics Express 18 (3), 3116-3127, 2010
A process analytical concept for in-line FTIR monitoring of polysiloxane formation
JC Steinbach, M Schneider, O Hauler, G Lorenz, K Rebner, ...
Polymers 12 (11), 2473, 2020
Direct optical detection of cell density and viability of mammalian cells by means of UV/VIS spectroscopy
T Drieschner, E Ostertag, B Boldrini, A Lorenz, M Brecht, K Rebner
Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 412, 3359-3371, 2020
Elastic and inelastic light scattering spectroscopy and its possible use for label-free brain tumor typing
E Ostertag, M Stefanakis, K Rebner, RW Kessler
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 409, 6613-6623, 2017
A novel approach for non-invasive continuous in-line control of perfusion cell cultivations by Raman spectroscopy
A Graf, J Lemke, M Schulze, R Söldner, K Rebner, M Hoehse, ...
Frontiers in bioengineering and biotechnology 10, 719614, 2022
Detailed characterization of a mosaic based hyperspectral snapshot imager
R Hahn, FE Hämmerling, T Haist, D Fleischle, O Schwanke, O Hauler, ...
Optical Engineering 59 (12), 125102-125102, 2020
Formalin fixation as tissue preprocessing for multimodal optical spectroscopy using the example of human brain tumour cross sections
M Stefanakis, A Lorenz, JW Bartsch, MC Bassler, A Wagner, M Brecht, ...
Journal of spectroscopy 2021 (1), 5598309, 2021
Auger electron spectroscopy and UV–Vis spectroscopy in combination with multivariate curve resolution analysis to determine the Cu2O/CuO ratios in oxide layers on technical …
J Stiedl, S Green, T Chassé, K Rebner
Applied Surface Science 486, 354-361, 2019
Comparison of Whiskbroom and Pushbroom darkfield elastic light scattering spectroscopic imaging for head and neck cancer identification in a mouse model
MC Bassler, M Stefanakis, I Sequeira, E Ostertag, A Wagner, JW Bartsch, ...
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 413, 7363-7383, 2021
Pigmentation of white, brown, and green chicken eggshells analyzed by reflectance, transmittance, and fluorescence spectroscopy
E Ostertag, M Scholz, J Klein, K Rebner, D Oelkrug
ChemistryOpen 8 (8), 1084-1093, 2019
Effects of process parameters on silane grafting of liquid ethylene-propylene copolymer by reactive extrusion as quantified by response surface methodology
T Bäuerle, S Ulitzsch, A Lorenz, K Rebner, T Chassé, A Kandelbauer, ...
Polymer 202, 122601, 2020
Detailed characterization of a hyperspectral snapshot imager for full-field chromatic confocal microscopy
R Hahn, T Haist, FE Hämmerling, D Fleischle, O Schwanke, O Hauler, ...
Optics and Photonics for Advanced Dimensional Metrology 11352, 213-226, 2020
Penetration of light into multiple scattering media: model calculations and reflectance experiments. Part II: the radial transfer
D Oelkrug, M Brun, P Hubner, K Rebner, B Boldrini, R Kessler
Applied Spectroscopy 67 (4), 385-395, 2013
Characterization of oxide layers on technical copper material using ultraviolet visible (UV–Vis) spectroscopy as a rapid on-line analysis tool
J Stiedl, S Green, T Chassé, K Rebner
Applied Spectroscopy 73 (1), 59-66, 2019
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