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Lomovasky betina j
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Growth and production of the venerid bivalve Eurhomalea exalbida in the Beagle Channel, Tierra del Fuego
BJ Lomovasky, T Brey, E Morriconi, J Calvo
Journal of Sea Research 48 (3), 209-216, 2002
Macro benthic community assemblage before and after the 2007 tsunami and earthquake at Paracas Bay, Peru
BJ Lomovasky, FN Firstater, AG Salazar, J Mendo, OO Iribarne
Journal of Sea Research 65 (2), 205-212, 2011
Individual age and connective tissue lipofuscin in the hard clam Eurhomalea exalbida
BJ Lomovasky, E Morriconi, T Brey, J Calvo
Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 276 (1-2), 83-94, 2002
Identifying repaired shell damage and abnormal calcification in the stout razor clam Tagelus plebeius as a tool to investigate its ecological interactions
BJ Lomovasky, JL Gutiérrez, OO Iribarne
Journal of Sea Research 54 (2), 163-175, 2005
The reproductive cycle of Eurhomalea exalbida (Chemnitz, 1795) (Bivalvia: Veneridae) in Ushuaia Bay (54° 50′ S), Beagle Channel (Argentina)
Invertebrate reproduction & development 42 (1), 61-68, 2002
The effect of the SW Atlantic burrowing crab Chasmagnathus granulatus on the intertidal razor clam Tagelus plebeius
BJ Lomovasky, AM Casariego, T Brey, O Iribarne
Journal of experimental marine biology and ecology 337 (1), 19-29, 2006
Population dynamics of the venerid bivalve Tawera gayi (Hupé, 1854) in the Ushuaia Bay, Beagle Channel
BJ Lomovasky, T Brey, E Morriconi
Journal of Applied Ichthyology 21 (1), 64-69, 2005
Seasonal changes in biochemical composition of the clam, Eurhomalea exalbida (bivalvia: veneridae), from the beagle channel, Argentina
BJ Lomovasky, G Malanga, J Calvo
Journal of Shellfish Research 23 (1), 81-88, 2004
Reproductive cycle of the Patagonian scallop Zygochlamys patagonica in the south-western Atlantic
S Campodonico, G Macchi, B Lomovasky, M Lasta
Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom 88 (3 …, 2008
Growth, abundance, morphometric and metabolic parameters of three populations of Diplodon chilensis subject to different levels of natural and anthropogenic organic matter …
I Rocchetta, BJ Lomovasky, MS Yusseppone, SE Sabatini, F Bieczynski, ...
Limnologica 44, 72-80, 2014
Habitat structure is more important than nutrient supply in modifying mussel bed assemblage in an upwelling area of the Peruvian coast
FN Firstater, FJ Hidalgo, BJ Lomovasky, E Ramos, P Gamero, OO Iribarne
Helgoland Marine Research 65 (2), 187, 2011
Differences in shell morphology and internal growth pattern of the Patagonian scallop Zygochlamys patagonica in the four main beds across their SW Atlantic distribution range
BJ Lomovasky, M Lasta, M Valiñas, M Bruschetti, P Ribeiro, ...
Fisheries Research 89 (3), 266-275, 2008
Annual shell growth increment formation in the deep water Patagonian scallop Zagochlamys patagonica
BJ Lomovasky, T Brey, A Baldoni, M Lasta, A Mackensen, ...
Journal of Shellfish Research 26 (4), 1055-1063, 2007
Grazing effects of the periwinkle Echinolittorina peruviana at a central Peruvian high rocky intertidal
FJ Hidalgo, FN Firstater, E Fanjul, MC Bazterrica, BJ Lomovasky, ...
Helgoland Marine Research 62 (1), 73-83, 2008
Climatic and environmental changes during the middle to late Holocene in southern South America: A sclerochronological approach using the bivalve Retrotapes exalbidus (Dillwyn …
S Gordillo, T Brey, K Beyer, BJ Lomovasky
Quaternary International 377, 83-90, 2015
Infection by gymnophallid metacercariae enhances predation mortality of SW Atlantic stout razor clam Tagelus plebeius
M Addino, BJ Lomovasky, F Cremonte, O Iribarne
Journal of Sea Research 63 (2), 102-107, 2010
Variations in the biological characteristics of the Patagonian scallop (Zygochlamys patagonica) across the Argentine shelf break front
AC Mauna, BJ Lomovasky, BC Franco, MJ Schwartz, F Botto, EM Acha, ...
Journal of Shellfish Research 29 (4), 819-825, 2010
Allozymic variation in the clam genus Eurhomalea (Bivalvia: Veneriidae) along southern South American coast
MH Gallardo, C González, C Mena, B Lomovasky, E Morriconi, E Clasing
Revista Chilena de Historia Natural 76, 501-507, 2003
Energetics variation of the striped clam Eurhomalea exalbida (Chemnitz, 1795) in Ushuaia Bay, Beagle Channel (54 degrees 50'S)
BJ Lomovasky, E Morriconi, J Calvo
Journal of Shellfish Research 20 (3), 1089-1094, 2001
Exploring the causes of differences in growth rate of the Patagonian scallop Zygochlamys patagonica along its commercial bed distribution in the SW Atlantic
BJ Lomovasky, A Baldoni, P Ribeiro, G Alvarez, M Lasta, S Campodónico, ...
Journal of sea research 66 (2), 162-171, 2011
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