Xianchan Li
Xianchan Li
Professor, Minzu Univeristy of China
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Zitiert von
Aptamer-based electrochemical sensors with aptamer− complementary DNA oligonucleotides as probe
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Quantitative measurement of transmitters in individual vesicles in the cytoplasm of single cells with nanotip electrodes
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Using Single‐Cell Amperometry To Reveal How Cisplatin Treatment Modulates the Release of Catecholamine Transmitters during Exocytosis
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Mass Spectrometric Proteomics Reveals that Nuclear Protein Positive Cofactor PC4 Selectively Binds to Cross-Linked DNA by a trans-Platinum Anticancer Complex
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Mechanistic aspects of vesicle opening during analysis with vesicle impact electrochemical cytometry
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Complexation with organometallic ruthenium pharmacophores enhances the ability of 4-anilinoquinazolines inducing apoptosis
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