Ben Yang
Ben Yang
Associate Professor of Institute of Geology, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences
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Transitional Ediacaran–Cambrian small skeletal fossil assemblages from South China and Kazakhstan: implications for chronostratigraphy and metazoan evolution
B Yang, M Steiner, M Zhu, G Li, J Liu, P Liu
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D Wang, HF Ling, U Struck, XK Zhu, M Zhu, T He, B Yang, A Gamper, ...
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New SIMS U–Pb zircon age and its constraint on the beginning of the Nantuo glaciation
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T Selly, JD Schiffbauer, SM Jacquet, EF Smith, LL Nelson, BD Andreasen, ...
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Ultrastructure of Ediacaran cloudinids suggests diverse taphonomic histories and affinities with non-biomineralized annelids
B Yang, M Steiner, JD Schiffbauer, T Selly, X Wu, C Zhang, P Liu
Scientific Reports 10 (1), 535, 2020
Cambrian small skeletal fossil and carbon isotope records of the southern Huangling Anticline, Hubei (China) and implications for chemostratigraphy of the Yangtze Platform
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Taxonomic revision of Ediacaran tubular fossils: Cloudina, Sinotubulites and Conotubus
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Exceptionally preserved early Cambrian bilaterian developmental stages from Mongolia
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Cloudina aggregates from the uppermost Dengying Formation, Three Gorges area, South China, and stratigraphical implications
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Terreneuvian bio-and chemostratigraphy of the South Sichuan Region (South China)
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Ediacaran tubular fossils from the Shennongjia area, Hubei Province and their stratigraphic significance
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Rewriting the Cambrian biogeography of the Central Asian Orogenic Belt using combined faunal cluster, zircon age and C isotope analysis
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Saccorhytus is an early ecdysozoan and not the earliest deuterostome
Y Liu, E Carlisle, H Zhang, B Yang, M Steiner, T Shao, B Duan, F Marone, ...
Nature 609 (7927), 541-546, 2022
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