Sebastian Markett
Sebastian Markett
Department of Psychology, Humboldt University Berlin
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Is it meaningful to distinguish between generalized and specific Internet addiction? Evidence from a cross‐cultural study from G ermany, S weden, T aiwan and C hina
C Montag, K Bey, P Sha, M Li, YF Chen, WY Liu, YK Zhu, CB Li, S Markett, ...
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Assessing the function of the fronto‐parietal attention network: insights from resting‐state fMRI and the attentional network test
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Facebook usage on smartphones and gray matter volume of the nucleus accumbens
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A new measure for the revised reinforcement sensitivity theory: Psychometric criteria and genetic validation
M Reuter, AJ Cooper, LD Smillie, S Markett, C Montag
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Does excessive play of violent first-person-shooter-video-games dampen brain activity in response to emotional stimuli?
C Montag, B Weber, P Trautner, B Newport, S Markett, NT Walter, A Felten, ...
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Assessment of empathy via self-report and behavioural paradigms: data on convergent and discriminant validity
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Individual differences in trait anxiety are associated with white matter tract integrity in the left temporal lobe in healthy males but not females
C Montag, M Reuter, B Weber, S Markett, JC Schoene-Bake
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Wie viel Tod verträgt das Team?
M Müller, D Pfister, S Markett, B Jaspers
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Ignorance is no excuse: moral judgments are influenced by a genetic variation on the oxytocin receptor gene
NT Walter, C Montag, S Markett, A Felten, G Voigt, M Reuter
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Epistasis of the DRD2/ANKK1 Taq Ia and the BDNF Val66Met polymorphism impacts novelty seeking and harm avoidance
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Imaging the structure of the human anxious brain: a review of findings from neuroscientific personality psychology
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The Big Five of Personality and structural imaging revisited: a VBM–DARTEL study
WY Liu, B Weber, M Reuter, S Markett, WC Chu, C Montag
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Orbitofrontal gray matter deficits as marker of Internet gaming disorder: converging evidence from a cross‐sectional and prospective longitudinal design
F Zhou, C Montag, R Sariyska, B Lachmann, M Reuter, B Weber, ...
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Oxytocin differentially alters resting state functional connectivity between amygdala subregions and emotional control networks: Inverse correlation with depressive traits
M Eckstein, S Markett, KM Kendrick, B Ditzen, F Liu, R Hurlemann, ...
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The association between dopamine DRD2 polymorphisms and working memory capacity is modulated by a functional polymorphism on the nicotinic receptor gene CHRNA4
SA Markett, C Montag, M Reuter
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Genetically determined dopamine availability predicts disposition for depression
A Felten, C Montag, S Markett, NT Walter, M Reuter
Brain and behavior 1 (2), 109-118, 2011
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